I was up early on Friday 20th May to go for breakfast with Nusret, Gonca and Yaşar at Retro bar and Smyrna Hotel. My new Turkish family were so happy to see me but disappointed that my parents hadn’t been able to come. The food, prepared by Yaşar and Gonca, was as incredible as always and I almost felt guilty tucking in to it as others were busy working. Joining us for breakfast were 2 new faces and one guy spoke decent English and was fitting the front of the hotel with a sweet section. They were going to be selling baklava, Turkish delight and künefe, amongst other things and it was looking good. I don’t eat eggs or tomatoes so it is always a little embarrassing when eating Turkish breakfast as these are essential ingredients, but they know me by now. Nusret insisted on us having the best cheeses, including one from his mother’s home town – it was my favourite one. Yaşar had made home made plum jam that was delicious and I felt greedy with the fresh simit and cheese rolls. While I was there, it became apparent that there was a bit of an issue with some building work that had been completed and they were all talking about it. I asked about it and Nusret showed me in to the house so I could see for myself. The builder had bricked up a doorway but the door and window was locked from the inside, leaving a room which no one could access – how funny.
Back home I got round to sorting out the English food delivery from Dick, in to who was having what. Ordinarily, I would have kept almost all of it and put it in the freezer however, I was leaving for Vietnam and would be turning off the electricity so needed to empty the fridge and freezer in the next few weeks. In the afternoon Mark and Kate popped round with a cool bag to collect parsnips, pork pie, Red Leicester cheese and pork sausages.
I went to meet Ann, Debbie (Darling) and Roy at Sofra bar for a drink and they were waiting on Debbie’s daughter and son-in-law, arriving and were so excited. After waiting to say hello to them I headed off home with the intention of getting changed as it was turning cooler. I called for a quick drink at River Terrace with Mark, Kate, Adam, Kath and a few others but then was sensible and went home. I had some beans on toast for dinner and then couldn’t be bothered to go back out. After nights out for the last 3 nights I was in need of a night in to relax a bit. Tomorrow I had a big day to look forward to so, with hindsight, it was a good idea to be sensible for a change.

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