I was surprised to find a snake at the bottom of the steps on Monday 30th May, it was dead and possibly a black whip snake.
I had a chicken and red pepper sandwich for breakfast and then my Mom called round for us to go to sort out her internet at Captain Net. It was the first of my leaving events in the afternoon with Ann. We met at 3.30pm at Okyanus, I just had a salad and a beer, Ann had a chicken wrap and a cider and we had a good catch up.
After lunch we said our goodbyes and I hobbled back home, where I emptied all the stuff out of the cupboards in an attempt to start some packing.
For dinner I had sausage casserole with Yorkshire puddings and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I had a bit of a stressful morning on Tuesday 31st May; I got an email to say my flight from Dalaman to Istanbul had been changed to 5 hours earlier, meaning I would fly at 3.30am. I accepted it, not realising it was for an earlier date so I had to spend ages trying to contact the airline to change the flight. In the end, I managed to get the right date but it still meant I had a lay-over of 8 hours in Istanbul, but that was better than the 32 hours I nearly ended up with.
News in Vietnam didn’t fill me with confidence as rain was causing flooding and it may be that when I landed I would be knee deep in water.
After sorting all my clothes which were needing to be packed away, I went to meet my parents for dinner. I had to cycle as it was more comfortable than walking and we had a drink at Bistro Blue first. We wanted to eat there but it was too full and we hadn’t booked a table. Instead we had a drink there and we booked a table for my last night in Dalyan. We were meant to be going to Gonca’s birthday party but Yaşar messaged to say it was cancelled.
For dinner we went to Kebapçı Yusuf and the food was really good as always. I was quite tipsy on account of not having eaten much during the day so when I cycled home I went the main street route, where it is better lit, while my parents walked home the direct route.

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