I got to the gate early for my flight from Singapore to Istanbul on Saturday 27th August. I ate the remainder of my ham sandwich from the Microboulangerie and really enjoyed it. I was very happy to have an aisle and bulkhead seat on my next flight, which departed at 2am (Singapore time) and would take about 11 hours. I hoped I might get some sleep because I also had another 11 hours in Istanbul before my next flight to Dalyan.
On the plane I was sat next to a lovely lady who was born in Indonesia but had lived in Turkey for 20 years. We chatted a little and she said I should visit Borum mountain in Indonesia because it was beautiful and where she is from. Her name was Wike (pronounce Vicky) in Indonesia but in Istanbul, where she has lived with her Turkish husband for 20 years, she is called Ayşe. When she fell asleep I watched the rest of the Tom Cruise film but found myself also nodding off. The food on the flight was great and again I was served first because of me requesting gluten free food. I noticed, though, that my eczema was extremely bad and had spread to my eyelids and more of my face and neck. I had to take antihistamines and drink lots of water but it was very uncomfortable with the masks on, which were still compulsory with Singapore Airlines. We landed at 8am (Turkish time) and I helped Wike with one of her several hand luggage bags. She was so sweet that she gave me a handmade bracelet as a thank you but I made sure she had all the bags when she went through immigration.
After saying bye to my new friend, and a promise to keep in touch, I headed to the domestic departures. I had to stand in several queues to recheck my hold luggage in and the case was not wheeling very well. Turkish Airlines will let you check in up to 24 hours before a flight but try telling that to any of their check-in staff. I eventually got rid of my suitcase and went through to departures where I got my 1 hour free wifi.

After catching up with internet based stuff I decided I would head to the lounge – I went for the IG Lounge, using my Priority Pass and it was the best one I’ve been to yet. The food and drink selection were good, it was clean, the staff were efficient and nice, plus I got a free back massage. I ended up staying in there for 6 hours and met a nice chap from Ankara who was moving to London to do his Masters degree.
My flight was boarding at 6.30pm and I only left the lounge at 6.05pm so my time in Istanbul had gone pretty well.
The flight was only an hour and 15 minutes but we did get a sandwich and a drink on board. When I landed at Dalaman airport, my suitcase was of the last to come off and one of the staff was convinced I should be in the international arrivals for my luggage but it came eventually. I was the last to leave and everything was closing as I went to get my taxi, arranged by Fikri in Dalyan. I was so tired and couldn’t wait to get back to Dalyan and to bed!
I arrived home just after 10pm, luckily the taxi driver carried my bag up the stairs after getting attacked by what I could only just make out as being unruly bushes as we came in the gate to the complex. I turned on the electricity and went straight to bed, just as the Jazz Bar cranked up the volume. I had no internet at home so I couldn’t message to say I was ‘home’ but I would do it in the morning.

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