Neither Jamie nor I recalled getting home in the early hours of Thursday 6th April. We messaged each other to slowly fill in the gaps and work out what had happened. I rarely spill a drink but my clothes were covered in red wine, my coat was on the floor in the kitchen and I had no hangover whatsoever. We were lucky to have Mark and Şükrü as friends because they had both looked out for us. I had no appetite, despite not eating anything since breakfast yesterday and that was very strange. I didn’t have any breakfast and I forced down a veggie wrap pizza at 5.30pm, the only thing I managed to eat all day. Jamie found more videos and photos, of us dancing, on his phone that we couldn’t remember. We definitely knew we’d had a lucky escape last night and were grateful nothing bad had happened to us.

On Friday 7th April I made a conscious decision to be sensible, after the events of the previous days I needed to be more careful. The weather was overcast and cold as I ate my banana, grapefruit, strawberries and quark for breakfast with a cup of Yorkshire tea. I was meant to be going for a walk but just as I was getting ready I noticed that last night’s heavy rain and storms had caused the ensuite bathroom to have a leak. It wasn’t bad but it looked like it was coming in from the door frame which needed fixing.
Before midday, the maintenance company came to do something with the pool and lights while I made a Slimming World Minestrone soup in the Slow Cooker. I needed to get back on with this diet if I was to lose a bit more weight this month. For lunch I had a turkey, lettuce, green pepper, spring onion and cheese wrap and I drank a lot of water. I’d been attempting to get at least 2 litres of water in, per day. I had Turkish class at 2pm and was pleased to see that a friend had rejoined us. After class, she and I went to the tea gardens for a couple of teas and a chat.
Back home, I tucked in to the amazing Minestrone soup but I did spoil my healthy day with 3 of the toffees from the Aussies. It was only Friday and already I had consumed 108 syns, 3 over the allowance!

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