Things I’m looking forward to in 2017

Here’s a list (my first of the year) to whet your appetite, aptly named Things I’m looking forward to in 2017.
• Seeing my parents after what will be 6 months away from them. I can’t wait and am already planning an itinerary for us to spend 2 weeks together in Vietnam.
• Getting a job. As my fixed term mortgage deal has ended and therefore increased my payments, I’m twelve hundred quid per year worse off, so I need to find a way to earn money that can go into my UK bank account while I’m out here. Any suggestions welcome as I make a concerted effort this month to secure something.
• Having a full body massage for my birthday, I’ve been dying to try the new spa in town and it’s been 6 months since I last had a treatment – it could be a little different to Champney’s though.
• More wedding celebrations – we’ve known about Dung and Huong’s wedding a while so have planned accordingly but Bang & Yen surprised us with 24 hours notice.
• My birthday – we had planned to go for an ‘all you can eat’ brunch at the Intercontinental in Da Nang on the Sunday following my birthday but had to cancel as Captain Caveman was due to be away 12-15th in Son Doong. Instead my celebrations consisted of a visit to the dentist and visiting Hoi An for a couple of days with Watto & Chrissy before coming back to a party at Phong Nha River House.
• Tet holiday celebrations – the end of the year is always a string of celebrations lasting up to 5 days.
• Having a quick holiday for a visa run at the beginning of March – still looking at where is cheapest to go so it might be somewhere new or it could be and old faithful like KL.
• Colin visiting for 3 months from February.
• A possible Australia visit in July – Captain Caveman is going to a caving conference for a couple of weeks in Sydney and (if I can afford it) I might go along for a trip as I’ve never been to Australia before.
• Captain Caveman and I are hoping we will be able to fit a few weeks in Turkey at the end of his Oxalis season.
• I know it’s a way off but I’m already thinking about celebrating my 2018 birthday in Vietnam, or at least Asia.
• Finally figuring out this blogging lark and getting my JoLoYoLo shenanigans out there for anyone to read – I still haven’t worked out how to really use wordpress and so will welcome any tips.

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