Their ain’t no party like a Phong Nha party

An obvious and appropriate song choice for today’s post, and needs no introduction.

Phong Nha certainly knows how to party and with one of their favourite families leaving for America, soon it was obvious that one goodbye would not be enough. Luckily, friends of Captain Caveman, Hilary & Roy were in town to help us celebrate and get through a week of parties. Captain Caveman and I have been friends with this wonderful couple for about three years and are really going to miss them and their cute little girl. An American girl and a Vietnamese boy who fell in love and got married here in Phong Nha and have so many friends who will miss them so much.

On Friday 13th January Oxalis Home put on a beach BBQ and buffet for the leaving party, the food was fantastic, the beers were flowing and a small fire kept us warm as we celebrated.

There was more karaoke fun for me, Hilary and Roy over the weekend as well as food out at a good selection of eateries in Phong Nha with the other cave experts and friends.


On Monday 16th January there was an iconic moment at the Phong Nha River House – the sign was reinstated on the outside and we took a photo of the owners standing beneath it.


On Tuesday 17th January it was the official goodbye party and Phong Nha River House did a great job of the catering. The speeches were emotional and brought tears to people’s eyes as we said cheers and wished them a happy life in America. Captain Caveman and I were of course of the last to leave and knew we would regret drinking so much as there was another party the next day.


The annual Porter Party was also held at Phong Nha River House and is one of the highlights of the year for me. There are three porter teams who work for Oxalis and they save a portion of their earnings to have an annual party. There is usually lots of food, beers and loud music and this year was no different. At breakfast Captain Caveman and I had watched the weighing and the transportation of the goats that would be eaten at the party.  It was such a great party and the next day I ached from too much dancing.


Thursday and Friday of this week didn’t pass without more goodbyes to our favourite American friend, with lunches, hugs and a beer or two.

Yesterday I also got up at 4am to see Captain Caveman off as he embarked on a 4 day cycling trip from Hue back to Phong Nha with his mate, Big Nose.


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