As Captain Caveman travelled from Vietnam to Malaysia, I was having a good sleep and hoping for a lay in on Monday 9th September – it was the start of what would be a full-on week!!! I had the Migros gluten free toast for breakfast again and potted about, getting ready for my guests, until lunch.
It had been 9 months since I had last seen Emrah to experience the amazing skills of this wonderful hairdresser and I was so excited. He welcomed me in and looked at my sun and humidity damaged hair like he couldn’t wait to sort it out. I told him I wanted it cut and colored then sat back and let him work his magic. He always likes to style it with curls and is so professional that it feels like such a treat – he even took my photos afterwards. I took some more while having a cheeky wine at Soul Kitchen to celebrate my new hair do.
It was also the day I should have been flying from Kuala Lumpur to Istanbul but had not taken the flight, I was still glad I hadn’t as it meant I would be home when the girls arrived later that night.
I spent more time with my parents and we had a lovely meal at Çağrı, where the waiter is friendly and has been in Dalyan for years. We had a tipple in Jiks and then went back to mine for more drinks while we waited for the ladies and a bicycle to arrive. In true Captain Caveman style he had managed to get one of my friends to bring out another of his bicycles from the UK – I think she wins the prize this year for bulkiest thing to bring out.
It was around 11pm when they arrived, by which time I was already a bit merry, and I was so happy to see them. It was over a year since I’d seen Claire and Clare and 11 months since Kelly had last been to stay with us in Dalyan. We had a drink, a few nibbles and a cheers while trying not to dwell on the fact that our other friend had not been able to fly out because of the British Airways strikes currently taking place. The girls were only in Dalyan for 4 nights and so we planned to make the most of it!

On the first day of our girls holiday, Tuesday 10th September, I woke up feeling rather fragile and so we went to Kordon restaurant for breakfast. The purpose of this 4 day trip was to celebrate Claire’s 40th birthday and so we had booked her a surprise for Thursday. Before then we intended to relax in the day and go out in the evenings. We spent our day at the pool of BC Spa as it has the option of shade and sun, with comfy sunloungers. Kelly and I tried the cocktails and food there but it wasn’t great and took me three attempts to get a shrimp salad – the margaritas were pricey, with no sign of a salty rim. The pool was nice and refreshing so most of us had a swim and late afternoon Kelly and I had a treatment at the spa – I had a foot massage and she had a back massage, both were excellent.
Back home we got ready to go out and met my parents for a pre-dinner drink at Soul Kitchen. We had dinner at Kordon (same place as breakfast) where Claire and I had pre-ordered gluten free cheesy garlic bread. The food was lovely, especially the fresh seafood and prawns, but the night was made by the owner entertaining us with his card tricks. We’d already had a fair bit of wine but decided Bistro Blue would be our next stop where we created our own dancefloor and had the owner be our personal DJ – it got messy and we got in around 2am.

Wednesday 11th September was day 2 of the girls holiday and we started it with fuzzy heads and a WhatsApp group of drunken photos from the previous night. Claire and Kelly got up and went to the supermarket for provisions while Clare and I sorted ourselves out a bit. We were going to go to the beach but everyone decided they would rather be round the pool but first we decided to have a walk in to the town, given we had not got very far the day before. We walked by the river and settled on Yakamoz restaurant for lunch while trying to spot a turtle – all we saw were plenty of cats and some fish!
We had a cheeky drink at Amy’s bar and then shade-bathed at BC Spa again for the afternoon. In the evening I’d booked us in for a Turkish night at Lukka bar where there was a massive Turkish buffet and traditional dancing – it turned out to be a really good night and the food was fantastic.

It was the girls’ last day on Thursday 12th September and we had a surprise booked for Claire’s 40th birthday. Captain Turgay and his boat which we had to ourselves for the day, was our party venue. We sailed to a few different spots and had a really good laugh with lots of drinks and great music. Turgay cooked us a lovely lunch and we got to swim lots and I even had a nap on a sunbed on the roof of the boat.
For dinner we are at Ramazan Han’s then we went to do karaoke at Tequila Bar and ended up having a full night of fun. I didn’t want to think about having to say goodbye the next day!

On Friday 13th September the 4 of us got up early and went for breakfast at Chef – I had chips, beans and orange juice.
My parents came over to the apartment to see Claire and Kelly off as they went to the airport at 11am. Clare was on a later flight which gave us time to have a wander along the river for a drink at Ceyhan cafe – we all went for a soft drink but Dad managed a beer (he’s an animal)!
At 12:45pm I said goodbye to Clare and she was looking forward to another holiday straight after this one which meant we didn’t get too upset.
I stayed at home for lunch but in the evening I met my parents for dinner at Jiks. After such a boozey few days I was meant to have an alcohol free day but the waiter automatically sent over a red wine! I also had a chicken shish and a second glass but all three of us were looking forward to an early night.

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