Dalyan – my third weekend

On Friday 20th September I notice the bad diet habits and started to creep back in, not just booze – there were now an abundance of crisps available in Dalyan and I love crisps! In the meantime I was about to have the most calories I have ever consumed in one day in just an evening, as the three of us had booked a tour.
For breakfast I had gluten free bread with a scraping of cheese spread (no butter) and for lunch a chicken wrap with fat free yogurt and salad. I was being so healthy until it was time to call for my parents and had a rather large whisky on their balcony before our evening’s outing with Volkan’s Adventures.
We had trouble finding the office, which is small but next door to Lukka bar, and met with a group of other customers. I had a diet coke and we waited for everyone to arrive before being lead, by Volkan, to his boat. I had booked us on a wine tasting evening, which runs every Friday in the holiday season. It started all informative and classy with everyone sipping the white wine and listening to the history and tasting notes. It ended in absolute drunken mayhem, but somewhere in between we had made friends with the man shouting at another guest for licking his fingers while picking up pieces of chicken. We tried 10 wines and were then allowed to consume our favourites (all of them) and when the boat pulled back up in town we simply continued drinking. It was a bargain £35 for the boat trip and it was fantastic, from what we remember.
We finished off the night with one of our ‘new friends’ going missing and having to find her, me leaving my phone on the boat and having to be tracked down to the Gin bar for Volkan to return it, my mom having trouble getting my dad home because he could hardly walk and me bumping in to a friend and having 2 Bailey’s at Lukka bar!

On Saturday 21st September I felt like death and there was only one thing to sort me out – a greasy breakfast!
My parents met me at Jiks, by which time it was about 1pm, they had full English breakfasts and I had bacon, beans and mushrooms. We all decided to have a no alcohol day and I couldn’t even look at wine!
I did manage to be quite productive by actually doing some Vietnamese homework, watching more Broadchurch and booking a trip to Cappadocia with our friends from Australia.
In the evening we met a Turkish friend of mine for dinner at Geçit restaurant where I had a lovely beef casserole, which was lovely. For the first time in a long time I drank only orange juice (at breakfast) and water all day. We also needed to be back to normal for the next day because I had arranged for me, mom, dad and a friend to meet up with a random Dalyan dweller for the Singaporean Grand Prix.

In my desperation to watch the Singaporean Grand Prix on Sunday 22nd September without the disruption of rugby or football taking priority in a sports bar, I had roped us in for a Sunday lunch. Earlier in the week I had posted in a Facebook forum to ask where the F1 would be shown as priority and had managed to secure viewing at Central Park with a retired English woman who now lives here.
I’d only had my usual gluten free toast for breakfast and so was going to order something substantial for lunch. I walked to the cafe with my parents, where our friend joined us and we were 1 hour early, hoping to see the preamble of the race. At 2pm I ordered a big bottle of water, a cider and a jacket potato with Bolognese and cheese.
My ‘facebook group friend’ and her husband arrived and were perplexed to find the England v Tonga rugby game on with just one person watching it. By the time the owner put the race on we had missed the first 3 laps and the commentary was in German. The place was full of pensioners, a darts game was going on next to the TV but nevertheless we watched the race and then left with a brief goodbye to my new ‘friends’.
Captain Caveman was in Balikpapan or Melak (I lose track of him) and so I had been relaying the race updates to him. We were thinking of staying in but instead we ate at Pamukkale, a cheap but tasty cafe on the main road. I ordered aubergine and garlic yogurt and got enough to feed 4 so I brought loads of it home. We had a couple of glasses of wine and a fairly early night so I managed to finish watching the last episode of Broadchurch. On the way home I noticed that some blocks had been delivered at the end of our road and it looked like the paving of it was due to begin, the old road had been prepared and the zabıta had blocked it off with ‘crime scene’ tape.