Dalyan – a busy third week

On Monday 23rd September I was awake before 5am and the first thing I read was the news that Thomas Cook had not been able to be saved. It would be a massive knock for a lot of people who’s flights and holidays would be cancelled. It also meant that a lot of people were getting on the internet to rebook before the demand increased and the prices became too high. My friends arriving in October were unaffected but my uncle, who was due to be visiting my parents, wasn’t so lucky.
I just had water for breakfast but had my daily gluten free toast for lunch with a cup of earl grey tea. I decided that the balcony furniture needed replacing as I was missing being able to sit outside and read, write these blogs or have my meals and drinks. I tried rearranging what we did have but it wasn’t good enough and I decided to have a look for new ones tomorrow, as I was off to Fethiye with ma and pa. In the evening we decided to meet for a drink at Amy’s bar and while we were there we booked a day trip with Yusuf, on his boat, for Thursday. We had decided to pay a second visit to Ramazan’s for steak but as we walked towards it there was a power cut. Dad got a face on and we all started heading home but noticed the only place with a light on was Jiks (they have a generator) so we went there. I had meatballs and red wine and it was very good but we had an early night as we needed to be ready for the bus the next day.

I met my parents at the bus stop at 09:30am on Tuesday 24th September armed with 3 bottles of cold water. The bus was full (29 people) and set off at 09:45am to Fethiye, a nearby town with a port. We’d all been before but it had been a while so we were looking forward to having a change of scenery as well as maybe a bit of shopping. I needed to cost up some balcony furniture, as well as new beds and a bigger fridge. When we arrived we had a stroll to the harbour where there were some impressive looking boats, bumped in to 2 of my Dalyan friends (you can’t go anywhere, can you?), we had a hot drink at a local style cafe which was 5 lira for all 3 of us. We had a walk beside the water and settled for a nice looking place for an alcoholic beverage and lunch. I was happy with my cider and chicken stir fry but Dad was less impressed by his tuna salad (to be honest I didn’t even know he liked tuna). Mom was rather ecstatic over her seafood pasta and said it was one of the best she’d had – they did have to put up with draught Tuborg lager, though, as they didn’t have Efes Malt. After lunch we had a treat from the ice-cream stall, where I had cherry sorbet in a pot while ma and pa had cones of ice-cream.
We walked back and took a detour to the Duck Pond where our tour guide was busy having a few ‘liveners’ and we had a drink while watching the scenes around. My parents pointed out a few places they had frequented years ago, including a naked afternoon in the Hamam, as well as some bars. On the way back to the bus I noticed a bed shop and quickly went in to get some info and see how the ottoman style ones opened. I dashed out with a card and caught up, making it in time for the bus back.
On the way back we all sat in the same seats and I had the unfortunate situation of having the drunk tour guide sat next to me while leaning across to chat up the single Dutch lady next to me with ‘blue eyes and big tits’, as he put it. Needless to say, with that chat-up line, he got nowhere (she had green eyes) and when he asked me my marital status I said I married twice but both husband’s were now dead from talking too much. It only shut him up temporarily and the poor woman had to get off in town so that he didn’t find out where she was staying. We decided to stay in that night and I had gluten free toast and leftover aubergine yogurt for dinner.

I had forgotten how good beans on toast is!! On Wednesday 25th September I had it for my breakfast and thoroughly enjoyed it. Then, because I had not successfully found replacement balcony furniture, I went to a shop in Dalyan to have a look at their small selection. I found some I liked but went home to measure the balconies to make sure what I ordered would fit. The owner, Doğan Cihan, gave me his number and said I could WhatsApp him an order which he could bring over straight away. Back home I realised I had nothing for lunch except for Bakery No10 chocolate cake, which was so good! I ordered tables only and then decided to take the old one apart to store away. By the time the delivery arrived less than 20 minutes later I had broken a leg of the old table and so I asked the man to help me dispose of it, which he did! I even got free delivery and a discount but needed to find some table cloths so the sun didn’t ruin the new tables.
In the evening we went to Ramazan’s where I had the onion steak which was amazing – definitely the best steaks in town. We shared a bottle of red too and then had a cheeky drink at Bistro Blue before heading home. We had a busy day coming up on Thursday!!

Yusuf at Amy’s bar had booked us on his boat trip on Thursday 26th September and so I met my parents at Jazz bar at 10am. We already had our swimmers on (underneath our clothes) and had took a bag with a towel each and some suncream. We were lucky as we only had 4 more people onboard and so with just 7 guests it looked to be a nice peaceful and relaxing day. We sailed out on to the sea while drinking a cup of strong tea and I forgot to take a sea-sickness tablet. We had the chance to try a spot of fishing, swim in beautiful bays and enjoy the odd beverage.
Lunch was a buffet and BBQ which was really good – I took my own gluten free bread but didn’t have it because I was so full of chicken, meatballs, salad, broccoli, carrot yogurt dip, spinach yogurt dip and rice! After lunch we had more chilling, sunbathing on the top deck of the boat then swimming in Candır lake where there are thermal springs under the water.
While we were there my friends were on another boat in the lake so I got off and we swam to meet each other for a chat (as you do). When I got back on the boat there was a glass of wine and a fruit plate waiting for me. The trip lasted until after 5pm and was a really good price for the day out.
We decided to stay in that night and off we went to get a shower and settle in for the night. Once I’d got showered though, I messaged my parents to see how they were getting on and after a few messages back and forth we decided to go out for dinner. We tried another new place off my list, Meet Meat and it was a bit ‘different’! It’s one of those places where there is no menu but you order meat at a counter and they weigh it and tell you the price. Great idea but the staff have limited English so you don’t really know what is happening and we weren’t sure what we would get with our meat. The starter was bread (not gluten free) with mushrooms in a mystery sauce which none of us tried. Me and mom shared a big rib eye steak, cut in half and was about the right size. Dad had a fillet steak which looked great, we got side dishes of salad and chips – I just had salad and my steak. We shared a bottle of red wine which we took a gamble on one we had never heard of but was nice and only 75 lira (wine is expensive in Turkey). When the bill came we were all pleasantly surprised as it wasn’t expensive for the amount of meat we had. We got a complimentary fruit plate to share afterwards and when one of the flower men came round, Dad bought three.
On the way home we had a nightcap at Bistro Blue before heading home after a hectic day!

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