Dalyan – my fourth weekend

On Friday 27th September it was a fairly ‘normal’ day. I ate beans on gluten free toast for brunch and in the evening I arranged to meet Ma and Pa at the Gin Bar for a pre-dinner drink. A couple of friends popped in to mine and we had a cheeky drink – a preloader which meant I was late to meet my parents. After a quick drink, we only had a short walk to Adilan’s for dinner, where I was going for the second time and it was just as good. We had been in Dalyan 3 weeks already and time was going by so quickly with lots of lovely food and outings to various different places. I had created a list from people’s posts on certain Facebook groups in Dalyan for all the restaurants to try – old and new, regular ones and ones I’d never tried. Given there are probably over 150 establishments it was going to keep us going until at least the end of the season. Some places I was deliberately saving for winter, knowing there would be less choice and that I would be here for quite a few more weeks yet.

Saturday 28th September was a bit mixed; I had water, tea and cheese on gluten free toast for brunch, followed by some sunflower seeds. I was meant to be having someone come to look at buying our double bed so I had cleaned up and stripped the beds, done all the washing and waited. They didn’t arrive and I saw later in the week that they had purchased a bed elsewhere but without letting me know. I ordered a gluten free pizza, from Yener’s Place, to take to dog sitting where one of the dogs quickly sussed out what was in my bag. The pizza (chicken, mushroom and pineapple) was pretty good and I checked the last time I had a gluten free pizza takeaway was 13.5 months ago. Pizza is one of the things I miss most and the gluten free versions just aren’t as nice.
I was home before midnight having fell asleep on the sofa while watching Unbelievable on Netflix and cuddling two puppies.

On Sunday 29th September I had my usual gluten free toast for breakfast and did a few chores before heading off to watch the Russian Grand Prix. My parents weren’t bothered about watching the race this time so I had arranged to watch it at Lukka bar while eating a gluten free beef dinner. I also had gluten free apple crumble with ice-cream and it was so good. A couple of friends joined me later on and so I didn’t see all of the race and I ended up drinking the equivalent of a bottle of wine that day. For dinner I met my parents and had a prawn dish at Bistro Blue, which made a nice change. After a day time session and too much food I was ready for bed and had an early night, watching more Unbelievable on Netflix.

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