Dalyan – my second weekend

I had a pedicure booked in first thing on Saturday, 14th September, at Mimi’s and I was looking forward to getting my feet sorted as I’d not had a pedicure for ages – it was good value for money and took an hour. I had a lovely apple tea and got to watch the world go by and the dog sleep.
After that, I went to see what gluten free stuff they had at No10 Bakery, nearby. I had a Turkish tea and a chocolate orange brownie which was incredible – I had to check it was definitely gluten free as you couldn’t have guessed. I also ordered a gluten free loaf and some cake for 3 of us, I took the carrot, orange and almond cake but had to go back later for the bread. I had a swim and a lounge about at my parents’ place, Dad made us a healthy lunch and on my way home I collected the loaf. I wish I’d known about No10 Bakery before as the bread was fantastic and I had 2 slices with butter on straight away. The baker there is unbelievably talented and I will be going there lots more.
That evening I had decided to help out some friends by looking after their 4 dogs while they went to a party. I’d met their biggest dog before and I think he remembered me with a jump up and a lick of my ear. I’d not met the rescue dog or the new puppies before and they were all very giddy and cute. Once their owners had left they spent time messing about by the pool. One went in a little bit and I had to dry all of them because one got a dry then the rest wanted one. Eventually the dogs calmed down enough for me to watch a bit of Poirot on TV while drinking wine and nibbling cheese with 3 of the 4 dogs being fast asleep when their owners returned.

Sunday 15th September was spent, once again, chilling with the family. I had gluten free toast (the Bakery No10 version) with butter for breakfast before heading out for lunch with ma and pa. They had been cleaning and had worked up a thirst so we had a couple of cheeky beers (cider for me) at Dalyan Lounge, where we also had crisps and Turkish delight as nibbles. Instead of Sunday dinner this week we opted for a local Turkish place, Firat’s, in a square full of eateries. Dad had an omelette, Mom a tuna and onion pide and I tried to go healthy with stuffed peppers. We shared a nice bottle of white wine and all was well until I got a really bad stomach, as if I’d eaten gluten. It was only when I googled a Turkish recipe for stuffed peppers that I realised that my lunch had wheat in – it wasn’t rice inside the peppers, but bulgur wheat! It was my own fault for not checking and they were very tasty. Despite being in pain and feeling terrible I still managed dinner out and we went to Yener’s Place where they are extremely used to gluten free customers. I had an amazing chicken and aubergine dish washed down with 2 glasses of wine. It rounded off the week nicely and we even got to meet Yener’s knitted dolls, given him by a customer!

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