Finally my parents’ surprise anniversary trip was here and we were picked up at 9am from Dalyan to go to Göcek. (It was also no longer a surprise). I’d booked for us to have a private boat trip on Günay 1 months ago and there was just the 5 of us now which meant the boat was only half occupied! It was an anniversary, birthday and Christmas present all rolled in to one and our Aussie friends were so excited to be going again. We had all been on Günay 1 before but had never done the extended trip and, given that the owners were going to be stopping tours at the end of this season, we were very lucky to be going.
We had tea/coffe served as we set sail and one of the staff showed great skills when he rode a wave with a tray of teas in his hands – we were impressed already. There were many swimming spots during the day as well as breakfast, lunch and dinner on board – the Aussies even spotted a do-up property in a little bay that they swam ashore to investigate! The meals were massive and of outstanding quality including some of the best homemade produce I’ve ever had. Ramazan really looked after us and we all had soft drinks, saving ourselves for the evening, knowing we were sleeping on the boat.

By 5pm we had a gin and tonic and then waited in a secluded spot to watch the sunset. By dinner time we were so full but I managed to eat the BBQ fish (I don’t eat fish usually) which was actually really good. Just being on the boat was so relaxing – it was such a treat and we all loved it, the photos probably don’t do it justice either. I thought I might be claustrophobic in my cabin but it turned out to be cozy and very comfortable. By the time I retired for the evening I had drank a bottle of red wine and fell asleep quickly.
Waking up on a boat on Saturday 12th October was fantastic and I wasn’t expecting another breakfast, this meant we had a bit more time on the glorious Günay 1 until the next group of customers arrived. It was one of the best experiences I’d had in Dalyan and loved every minute – we were so lucky!
Back on land and in Dalyan we said bye to my parents – we had less than 2 hours before we left for the airport.

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