Our flight to Kayseri in Cappadocia was via Istanbul where I had the flight booked straight through but my Aussie friends had to recheck in. I had the obligatory wine at the airport bar then we had our short flight and a bus to our cave hotel. The place the Aussies’ had booked was about an hour away by minibus (pre-booked) in Göreme and was called Roc Cave Hotel, which was so lovely. All three of us shared a room to keep costs down and so that we could stay in a nice place for all four nights of the trip. It was dark when we arrived and so we had no idea what the views would look like until the next morning.

While Captain Caveman was back in Saigon with his Oxalis colleagues I was being woken up by a strange sound in Cappadocia. It was 7am on Sunday 13th October and the roar of flames beneath hot air balloons was loud. We stepped outside of our cave room to take a look and the views were spectacular. We had breakfast and decided we would have a day of exploring by ourselves and so we were given a direction to walk and a map by the hotel receptionist and balloon pilot. Greg also asked if he could book to do the balloon trip but Amanda and I didn’t want to.

We had an amazing first day of clambering about in abandoned cave houses and churches in the red hot sun and it was very impressive. By the time the sun set we had booked a balloon ride for Greg, found some cool places, took over 200 photos and I’d tried bubble tea for the first time.
That evening we celebrated with wine for me and gin and tonic for them. A great first day in Cappadocia despite being covered in dust and spikey plants. I also forgot to take sensible footwear and had been forced to wear my nice sandals which were getting ruined.

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