Tuesday 15th October was full of activity for the 3 of us in Cappadocia. We slept in until 07:30am and then had breakfast about 08:00am before getting ready for a second day tour with Old Town Travel and Ozzy again, this time on the Green tour.
Our first stop was at the top of Göreme for a panoramic view and to see Pigeon Valley before going to see how onyx and marble differ at the Özler art centre in Uçhisar.

I found out that the ‘cheap’ ring I wear that I bought at Marble Mountain in Danang, Vietnam, isn’t made of marble and is in fact good quality Onyx. We were also shown some zultanite stones and jewellery which change colour depending on the light – I had magic fingers and found a perfect ring with every one I tried on, but only on my engagement ring finger! The Aussies suggested I get a lovely ring I liked but I didn’t think I could get engaged by myself!
The next stop was about 45 minutes drive away to the underground cave houses at Derinkuyu where I was about to test my fears on a grand scale as we had to walk for about an hour and to 35m below ground level, sometimes bending down through tunnels. I was doing well until we got stuck behind a group of 50 Chinese tourists while a keen group of Spanish tourists were catching us up.

After that we were taken for a lovely lunch in Belisirma and I had lentil soup, salad and meatballs with fresh pomegranate juice and Turkish tea – delicious food! Back on the bus we drove to an impressive part of the tour, Selime Church and cathedral, and despite it being steep to walk around I managed to do it with a broken shoe.

Next we stopped at Ihlara which was also fantastic with lots of rocks and a riverside walk down 400 steps, where Amanda managed to leave the group to go exploring in a cave. It didn’t help that my left sandal strap had managed to break and so walking was a bit of an issue but luckily Amanda had a spare hair tie which I wrapped around the sandal and my foot to keep it in place.

We had a meat board and a cheese board to share for dinner, in the town and I had a glass of red wine before returning back to Roc Cave Hotel to pack.
We finally went to bed with only 3 hours 10 minutes until our bus to the airport!

Our airport transfer bus was coming at 03:10am on Wednesday 16th October and I was so tired to be getting up after only 3 hours sleep. I hoped to get some sleep on the way to the airport but the driver crammed people and cases on to the extent that the isle was full of luggage and meant that each corner had a knock on the legs. I was freezing due to only having flipflops left but at the airport everything went well so we boarded on time. Unfortunately we had an hour delay while sat in our seats on the plane.

At Istanbul the Aussies and I said our goodbyes with promises to see each other again at Christmas. My connecting plane to Dalaman went well as I used the transfer gate to go straight through. I had a short wait at the airport for my ride but was home for 12:45pm where I dropped my bag off and went for lunch with a friend. Surprisingly the pot I made at Kapadokya Seramik was still in tact.

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