On arriving back in Dalyan on 16th October (after 3 days in Cappadocia) it was cloudy and seemed colder than when I had left a few days ago. The cleaners were in at mine so no time to change or shower – I arrived at the restaurant early and I ordered a bottle of wine before my friend arrived. Serendip is a veggie place where they also do gluten free options and I thought the food was fantastic – definitely one of my new favourites.

In the afternoon I met mom for a trip to the bank and I showed her my new piece of pottery that had made it on 2 planes, a bus and a taxi, wrapped in a travel towel. I also picked up my new shoes from the man next door to Bistro Blue, they were 350 lira and fitted lovely.

In the evening I was so tired I don’t think I ate dinner but had a glass of wine at Lukka and a slice of gluten free toast out of the freezer.
The next day would be my last day in Dalyan without Captain Caveman, who was currently in Saigon, picking up some gifts.

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