At 5am on Monday 14th October Amanda and I got up to see the balloon flights from the top of Sunset Hill. Greg went on the balloon ride while Amanda and I watched and I have to say, I have not felt as cold in well over a year. I had a raincoat, t-shirt and vest on, leggings and sandals (of course) and it was about 14 degrees. How the girls who were modelling or doing their photos in posh frocks weren’t freezing I don’t know! We were cold just looking at them!

Watching the many balloons take off was a bit scary and I was glad I’d not gone on. I’d experienced one before on safari in Kenya about 7 or 8 years ago but we had no other balloons anywhere near us – in Cappadocia it was fairly crowded.

Back at the hotel we ate breakfast and Greg returned to join us before today’s next adventure.
We had booked a day tour with Old Town travel and our guide, Ozzy, picked us up at 9:30am for the red tour. We did lots of touristy stuff which included a visit to Avanos where we found out first hand about how difficult it is to become a master potter. I volunteered to have a go at the potters heel for the first time and made a nice pot to take home (should be fun getting that back in hand luggage).

We saw lots of phallic rocks at Love Valley where we had lots of fun trying to take rude photos. We wandered round the open air museum, enjoyed the views and caves at Çavuşin, saw where monks used to live in Paşabağı, had lunch in a big lunch hall and got to hear a lot about history. It was an amazing day and would highly recommend doing an organised tour to get the information and put things in perspective.

The tour finished before 5pm so we ate dinner in town where I had chicken salad and then back at Roc Cave hotel I finished off the half bottle of wine I had left, before shower and bed. I was tired and the last two days of walking were taking their toll on my legs but we still had another jam-packed day booked in for Tuesday.

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