On Thursday 17th October I was booked in for my hair doing at 09:30am with the wonderful Emrah Killis. He had been expecting me the day before and wasn’t happy when I walked in but when I showed him our messages, to change the booking because of the Cappadocia trip, he let me sit down. Mehmet had to do the dying but Emrah finished me off with the cut and curls, which wasn’t bad for less than £20!

After being pampered, I had a little walk around town, took some photos in the sunshine and then met a friend for a couple of cheeky ciders and a chat at Okyanus.

In the evening I met my parents at Soul Kitchen and dad had been sick with a stomach bug so was off the wine. They said it was my turn to choose where to go so I picked Yummy’s as I’d not been there for dinner and they hadn’t been there this year. Mom had a nice pasta dish, I had a lovely chicken and spinach dish but Dad had the face on because he realised he doesn’t like burgers (which he had ordered) but I thought it looked good.
The next day would be day 1 of Captain Caveman’s Dalyan visit, where he would stay until 27th December.

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