On Friday 18th October I was up and about super early as Captain Caveman was on his flight from Istanbul, due to land at 07:15 in nearby Dalaman.
He was home by 08:30am and we were at Soul Kitchen for breakfast by 09:30am, where I had potato skins and beans with Turkish tea and he just had coffee, because he got fed on the plane.
At lunch we met my parents and we ate at Bistro Blue, where I had steak and blue cheese salad and we all had wine. In the evening we went to a place Captain Caveman and I had enjoyed last year, called Saki, where you choose all your food from a refrigerated glass cabinet and it all gets cooked and served to your table. Dad lucked out again by choosing moussaka which he didn’t really like, mom and Captain Caveman had lamb and I went for (the safe) chicken shish. We also had loads of dishes to share for starter and I thought the food was really tasty. I did manage to stick to mint tea for my evening drink though while the others had a beer. We set the alarm for the next day as we had somewhere we needed to be.

Captain Caveman was about to experience his first full day in Dalyan this year and it was great to see him after 6 weeks apart. On Saturday 19th October I had gluten free toast with cheese spread before we set off to the local dog shelter to do some volunteering. On the way Captain Caveman collected one of his bicycles (stored in a friend’s garage) and cycled on to the shelter while I walked there. Is a little out of town but an easy walk which gives me the much needed exercise for the week.
When I got there it was both upsetting and good to see that many of the old dogs from last year weren’t there, most had been adopted. We walked a few dogs and said hello to all of the ones in the cages, including Jilly, who’s brother John had been adopted already. It was hot and sweaty, we forgot to take any water and the walk back for me was hardwork because I was starting to get blisters on my feet – I wasn’t used to wearing closed toe shoes!

For lunch I took Captain Caveman to Serendip for a vegetarian mezze plate and a cold beverage and he also thought it was great (luckily, as it’s one of my new favourites and it’s open in the winter).

In the evening the two of us were booked on to the last Volkan’s Adventures Wine Tasting Tour of the season. I’d been on it before with my parents (https://joloyolo.wordpress.com/2019/10/30/dalyan-my-third-weekend/) but this was the first time for Captain Caveman and we both enjoyed the buffet, BBQ and the wine. After the tour we even had another drink with the group at River Terrace before walking the short distance home.

Photo credit Volkan’s Adventures

Sunday 20th October involved advertising house stuff for sale, a 1 year old’s birthday party and Sunday dinner at home with family! I had 2 slices of gluten free toast with butter for breakfast followed by 2 pieces of Turkish delight (which I love). Captain Caveman bought the ingredients and a brisket for dinner and he prepared and popped it in the slow cooker while we went out to Lukka bar to celebrate a first birthday. We don’t tend to bother with kid’s parties but given that her parents are friends and have been really helpful lately we made an exception.
I advertised our small fridge for sale on a local Facebook site and got loads of interest. Ours is so small and I need a bigger freezer section, plus I found out the Beko Shop has discounts on a Tuesday so we could buy a new, bigger one.
In the evening we invited ma and pa over for dinner which Captain Caveman had excelled at (Brisket with onions, carrots and potatoes with lots of wine). It went down a treat and we ate every bit of the tender meat. For dessert I served extra sticky Turkish delight which was covered in rose petals and wasn’t as well received (especially by Dad)!
Captain Caveman fell asleep on the sofa but we arranged to meet up the next day as my parents were planning their flights back to the UK soon.

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