On Monday 4th November it was a very busy house, trying to get ready for Captain Caveman’s parents arriving the next day. We still had the workmen trying to fit a very awkward wardrobe and the kitchen cupboard wasn’t finished yet either!
We went for brunch at Dalyance where Captain Caveman ate menemen and I had bacon, sausage, mushrooms and beans. The food was good and a first time of eating breakfast there.
While the carpenter struggled to finish on time we had a drink in Jiks and then went out for dinner in the rain. We tried another new one, Nehir, where we were the only people in because of the weather and the season had ended. I really enjoyed my chicken with salad and potatoes while Captain Caveman had a pide which also looked great.
When we got home we had to apologise to our new neighbours as the workmen were still there and it was a very late night!

It was a little stressful on Tuesday 5th November after not getting to bed until almost 2am! I didn’t have too much to eat in the day because we needed to get organised as the house was covered in dust and in complete disarray. The cleaner was meant to be coming in the morning but I’d had to cancel it as we didn’t know if the wardrobes would be finished. We worked hard to clean everything as best we could before I rebooked the professionals in for 3pm. We use the ones with our rental management company and they are very good and can do it much faster than us. I had also decided to view a balcony table and chairs I’d seen a month ago but the owner had only just arrived in Dalyan. We had a a drink in Rock bar and then one in Amy’s (where I took a bag of crisps for my lunch), after we went to check out the balcony furniture, which we bought and took home.
Captain Caveman’s parents were a little delayed but luckily we had booked a table at Serendip for 9:30pm. As usual the food was fantastic and I really enjoyed the lentil soup as a starter. We shared the mixed mezzes and a cheeseboard and the gluten free bread had been improved to a homemade version which was very good. (They gave me two portions of it at no extra cost, which was appreciated). After dinner we had a nightcap at home and the parents had no idea at how bad the apartment had looked that morning.
They were only staying 6 nights but we had a full itinerary lined up and so the alarms were set for the next day!

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