The weekend was a busy one and on Friday 8th November Captain Caveman, his parents and I packed an over night bag each and got in the hire car ready for a mini adventure out of Dalyan. We had hired a car from Süleyman Çardak at Complete Holiday rentals especially so that we could journey out of Dalyan for a day or two’s exploring. Our first stop on the way to Pamukkale was for a delicious breakfast at Orfoz in Akyaka, which I’d visited a couple of times already on a Volkan Adventures day trip. We had the traditional Turkish breakfast which was delicious (I so wished I could eat all the gluten-filled items though).

I’d been a few times to the same spots and you can read my previous blog about the trip I took with Volkan here:

We did the boat trip with some other tourists down the Akmak river before driving to our second stop at Afrodisias.

None of us had been before and it was very impressive. We saw the archeological museum, the temple of Aphrodite, as well as Aphrodisias theatre and stadium which were all amazing and we had a glorious sunny day with hardly any tourists around.

We arrived quite late at our pre-booked hotel in Pamukkale, The Richmond, which was big and very busy – it was the kind of hotel with free products and a large outdoor pool. We checked in to our neighbouring twin rooms and I had an overpriced wine from the minibar. We’d took the windier route there which had been a little hair-raising at times so I needed a bit of alcohol to calm my travel sickness. Dinner was a large buffet in the dining room and was actually quite nice for the price. I had lots of salad, chicken and rice and we had a bottle of wine in the bar while watching the live entertainment. The belly dancer was good and managed to get several volunteers including a rather tipsy Japanese man who was very good, we managed to evade the joining in!

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