We like to go dogging on Wednesday and so on the 6th November we invited Captain Caveman’s parents to join us at the shelter. First we had breakfast at Lukka bar and I have to say the food was excellent – portions are substantial too.
We walked to the shelter from there and then took a dog each for a walk, it was a hot day and I should’ve worn a sunhat. It was great to let them experience the good work of the dog shelter and see all the friendly dogs who were so happy to get a walk or even a bit of fuss.
In the afternoon we all had a walk around Dalyan and had a cold drink at the tea garden,then a glass of wine at Soul Kitchen, before going to one of my favourites for dinner. Kordon was excellent food and drink, as usual, and the owner is so good at catering for gluten free customers. Captain Caveman and I shared the beetroot starter and garlic mushrooms with cheese which were both lovely and I had the chicken shish with chips and salad. The others enjoyed their lamb and fish dishes too. The evenings were getting a little cooler and so we sat inside which was very cozy and made everyone feel relaxed.

Most dog photos and ones of me taken by Captain Caveman.

While Captain Caveman took his parents for breakfast at Ekin restaurant and to see the turtle hospital at the beach I went off bumming on Thursday 7th November. Süleyman at Complete Holiday Services had sorted out a hire car for a few days so we could nip out and explore outside of Dalyan too. The Riverbums had a successful day collecting lots of rubbish and then I went back home to meet the family so we could go for a bit of exploring over the other side of the river in the hire car.
I’d already had one slice of gluten free toast with butter at breakfast but I was very hungry by 1.30pm and had to have 2 more slices, this time with a molasses and tahini paste. We went by car on the ferry over to Çandır and Kaunos and had a little bit of an adventure – we were lucky with the weather too, as it was a hot sunny day! In the evening we went to a restaurant that had one of my all time favourite dishes from last year, crispy belly pork. Rendezvous had been on my list of places to visit since I got here in September although we’d never made it but it is open all winter and they can cater for gluten free meals well. The prawn starter was good too and we had a bottle of Angora wine which wasn’t the cheapest on the menu but was thoroughly enjoyed before we went on to the red wine!!It was a lovely day but I was begging for mercy by the time it came to going to sleep and the forthcoming weekend was going to be full on!

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