We woke up in the Richmond Hotel in Pamukkale on Saturday 9th November after a good night’s sleep and went for the buffet breakfast. Of course a lot of the choice was full of gluten so I had cheese and fruit with Turkish tea while Captain Caveman filled his boots (well, his face) with delicious food.
We decided to have a bit of free time to enjoy the hotel’s thermal pool before we headed off to sightsee at Hierapolis (the waters of Pamukkale). Richmond Hotel was very reasonably priced and near to where we needed to be so I would definitely stay there again.

Captain Caveman parked at the North carpark so we could stroll through and along the top of the travertines, right up to the South gate where we could see more of the pools and even have a paddle. It was impressive but it was clear there had not been a lot of water as some were empty. Captain Caveman and his mom went walking in the pools while his dad and I stayed up the top. It was a great view, fairly busy with tourists (including one in a bikini looking a bit nippy). The photos don’t really do it justice but I took some on my phone anyway and we were pleased to have seen the famous site at last.

While I went to the loo a plan was hatched for Captain Caveman to walk back to the car and drive it to meet us at some vague point at the bottom of a hill, of which none of the remaining three of us had a clue how to get to. We then had to wait rather a long time in the sun and walk back the way we had just gone, lost! It didn’t surprise me that Captain Caveman had to come and get us in the car, after which we drove back to Dalyan in (mostly) silence for about 3 hours! It was a tiring day and I think if time wasn’t an issue I would have stayed for longer and took our time seeing more. We had not realised how wonderful Aphrodisias (the day before) would be and could easily have made a longer trip. On the way back we saw the cafe made from an actual plane, it’s the 4th time I’ve been past but never visited.

Back in Dalyan later that evening we had a dinner at Kaunos Antic restaurant, another first time for all of us, which turned out to be absolutely lovely for food and service. We even polished off the night with a complimentary fruit plate and a shot of amaretto each!

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