On Friday 6th December, after a breakfast at home, we decided to check out the mezzes at Dalyance as we had heard they were cheap however we didn’t realise dogs aren’t allowed inside so we had a table outside in the sun instead and I had a burger and chips without the bun while Captain Caveman had a steak and cheese toastie. Mine was good and I got a free Turkish tea at the end but then we left so that Captain Caveman could get to Beer club. Friday night was meant to be girls night but it wasn’t going ahead so we stayed home and had chicken salad for dinner and no alcohol, for a change. The next day we had arranged for a trip out with friends which we were looking forward to.

A week in to December and some of my countdowns had started and it wasn’t that long until friends were arriving and Captain Caveman was leaving!
On Saturday 7th December it was my turn to go dogging while Captain Caveman looked after Lexi. It was a busy morning and we didn’t get to walk nearly as many dogs as I would have liked. Back home I had a quick shower and then joined the others (and Lexi) in the car for our short roadtrip.
When we arrived at DAC restaurant at Dalaman prison, unaware that dogs were not allowed either in or out door eating areas, I was ravenous, especially after the dogging session. I sat in the (very nice) smoking area with Lexi while the others went ahead and ordered. She would not be quiet and cried until Captain Caveman’s return and then I had my turn to go inside. The food was nice and very cheap and I was very jealous of all the bread products and dessert my companions were eating, while I ate chicken and onions. The staff are all inmates and the place runs like clockwork, it even has a shop where we bought Turkish delight and jam!
We felt sorry for Lexi so on the way back we all made a stop off at Backyard No.9 for her to run around. In the evening we popped to Jiks for wine and dinner and I tried a new chocolate bar which resembles a Snickers.

Captain Caveman had an arrangement on Sunday 8th December to go over to a mates to use his tools to shorten some shelves so I looked after Lexi. In the afternoon we went to Backyard No.9 again and this time ate food there. In the evening Captain Caveman cooked a nice Sunday dinner then we tidied up for the window man coming on Monday morning.

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