After cherry jam (bought from the prison) on gluten free toast for breakfast I looked after Lexi while Captain Caveman went to Ortaca to sort out the communal electric bills. We then had a second breakfast at Jiks while the window man looked round the apartment to give a quote for the windows cleaning (some of which involved getting on the roof).
We ate brunch in the sun and then Captain Caveman had Beer Club to attend while Lexi and I tried out more selfie taking and sent photos to her new owner.
We met back up at Soul Kitchen over wine and then he had to go help a beer club member catch an old dog who had an offer of a home. I was just about to leave when Maddie came by, shortly joined by VLS and then Bianca. We ended up having more wine, met the kind Turkish man who feeds the street dogs salami every day and then ended up going to Amy’s and Jiks for more drinks. I decided I needed food so Captain Caveman and I headed to Rendezvous with Lexi, but the customers in there wouldn’t let us in with a dog so we ended up back at Jiks where I had chicken and chips. I also had agreed to meet Maddie and Bianca at Lukka bar at 10am the next morning for breakfast!

Captain Caveman woke me up on Tuesday 10th December with not long to get ready if we were to meet people at Lukka bar for breakfast. I was hungover and really had to pull myself together to get there for 10:30am where I had an English breakfast, hoping it would sort me out before our day out.
Maddie was also late and hungover and it was her birthday so we went to the mudbaths. This week it wasn’t too sunny though and, because they heard us speak English, we were charged 20 lira for a beer (oddly a double measure of vodka with sprite was only 30 lira). We had a nice time and Lexi enjoyed it again and wasn’t phased when heavy rain came.
Having been rained off we headed back and after showers to get rid of the sulphur smells we were back at Lukka bar to meet the rest of Maddie’s friends for birthday drinks and food – we were meant to go to Okyanus but because it was still raining we holed up in Lukka and were still there when the evening lot arrived so we had our dinner there before the quiz. After the quiz we said our goodbyes to Lexi as Süleyman was able to caretake while we headed off to Izmir and Ephesus for a few days – he would kindly hand Lexi over to the foster people.

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