The first couple of days in December were fairly easy going as we both tried to make the most of looking after a dog. On Sunday 1st December we decided to take Lexi to the Çalış Winter fayre, accompanied by our dogging friend, Jane. Because I thought I might not get food I doubled up on breakfast, having both gluten free cornflakes and gluten free toast. The journey was about an hour and when we arrived Jane went for a look around the stalls while we took Lexi for a walk on the beach, which she loved. For lunch we found a great little cafe with a table in the sun so we could have a glass of wine, there was also a chicken kebab stall in front which we managed to get without the bread for me and was lovely. On the way back we stopped off for a wander round Göcek and then back home Jane gave us some grapefruits from her tree. She was off back to the UK and so we said our goodbyes and I walked back with Lexi, while Captain Caveman went home. In the evening we had chicken and salad then went to Lukka bar where we had already missed the Grand Prix but still managed to see some highlights and share a bottle of red wine.

Even Monday 2nd December was calm as we had breakfast, lunch and dinner at home. I looked after Lexi while Captain Caveman went to a beer club he had joined with some Dalyan dwellers. That night we had some chestnuts while sat on the sofa and Lexi tried carrot but didn’t take to it. We had an early night and were ready for a busy Tuesday.

Captain Caveman decided we were off to the mudbaths on Tuesday 3rd December and so we got up, had breakfast at home and took Lexi with us. She watched the seagulls, got concerned when Captain Caveman jumped in the lake and still didn’t know where to look for a selfie. We took it in turns to watch the dog or go in the hot pools and it was a lovely hot day, until the sun went in and I came out to find it was chilly – Captain Cavemen was fully dressed and he and Lexi were ready to go home for a late lunch. Cheese on toast was eaten at home and Captain Caveman excelled himself with a wild mushroom risotto for dinner. The evening was spent at the Lukka quiz with friends and we shared just one bottle of wine.

I looked after Lexi while Captain Caveman had a bit of a jolly on Wednesday 4th December. After breakfast at home he went dogging then he went with Murat from Volkan Adventures, a local tour company, to test out a potential new tour for 2020. Murat had asked me but as it was a horse riding tour I had volunteered Captain Caveman – I’m not in to horses.
For lunch I ate chestnuts, figs and Turkish delight and Lexi was a bit sad because she wanted Captain Caveman to come back. On his return Lexi and I met him at Soul Kitchen and he reported back that the new Volkan horseriding tours looked to be really good and another great option for holidaymakers (or Dalyan dwellers) wanting to get out and about, doing something a bit different. We had a quick drink at Lukka while our jacket potatoes cooked at home then went home to have bolognese with them and just a glass of wine indoors.

On Thursday 5th December it was my turn again to look after Lexi and source items from IKEA (for the apartment) while Captain Caveman went bumming. We arranged to meet friends for drinks and lunch at Nehir Restaurant where they had specials on offer and wine or beer for only 15 lira – we embraced the offers and had a few. When we left it was still sunny so we called in to River Terrace for a cider in the sun.
In the evening we stayed in and had Turkish delight, figs, and gluten free spaghetti bolognese!

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