Having said goodbye to Lexi the previous evening we were still up early on Wednesday 11th December to set off for our little roadtrip to Izmir and Ephesus just for a couple of days. Armed with a list of IKEA items Captain Caveman drove from Dalyan towards Izmir but neither of us had eaten breakfast so had to stop for a snack on the way. We lunched at IKEA after a massive walk round the place – I hate shopping! The food was very cheap but the beef meatballs had gluten in so I spent a lot more time than I would have liked in the loo and have decided I’m not a fan of the square toilet seat. We managed to buy a boot and a backseat full of IKEA stuff before going to Emen hotel in Izmir. It was really lovely and in the evening we ate at a small Turkish restaurant round the corner where I had lentil soup, salad and a chicken shish. We didn’t even have any alcohol that day!

On Thursday 12th December we skipped the hotel breakfast and headed towards Ephesus calling for a pitstop on the way, as well as stopping off to buy Captain Caveman a multipocketed waistcoat (for aeroplane travel when he has limited luggage allowance), and a drill. Ephesus was great and we could have spent more time there had we not got there quite late. In the evening we stayed in a cute little B&B in Selçuk (called Nica) where all eating establishments appeared to be closed so we ended up back at the restaurant next door where we enjoyed a feast!

Before we drove back to Dalyan on Friday 13th December (we had to get the car back by 5pm) we had a leisurely breakfast of cheese, jam, honey and olives for me then went to visit the museum a few doors down the street. It was impressive but the weather wasn’t great and we decided to head back early. On the way back we bought some groceries including some gluten free sourdough from a bigger Migros supermarket than we have in Dalyan. I ate some with cheese spread as soon as we got home and then got ready for another birthday night out. The guy from Dalyan Window Cleaning and the apartment cleaners had been in while we were away and the place looked really nice. Captain Caveman had to unload the car in the rain but then he decided to keep the car for another week. We met Maddie and Bianca in Lukka before heading to Spice Garden for dinner. The buffet wasn’t on so we ordered from the normal menu and it actually worked out cheaper and it was a great night.

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