The weekend between Christmas and New Year was a good mix of emotions; Captain Caveman was leaving to go back to Vietnam and then a cave expedition in Laos, I was going to spend more time with the friends who’d arrived for their winter break and of course I would be planning my 2020! On Friday 27th December I had chicken, cheese and orange juice for breakfast and I helped Captain Caveman clingfilm 2 bicycles (a first time for me and will probably be my last) and pack his stuff. This year he was packing all his stuff in the cupboard above the stairs which required a ladder so that I didn’t have to, which was much more convenient for me. By lunchtime we were opening the prosecco and having a cheeky bucks fizz before heading over to Lukka bar to meet Jamie, Graeme and Sarah. Normally Captain Caveman and I don’t do Christmas presents and so I was really surprised when Jamie had brought over a massive tub of floral gums as my Christmas present from Captain Caveman. Jamie also got me some presents and were wrapped up – gluten free chocolate biscuits, gravy and stuffing. Sarah presented her pompom rug and (thankfully) it went down extremely well! We celebrated with a bottle of prosecco and Tiny Dancer cuddles while eating lunch. Jamie had offered to drive Captain Caveman to the airport but we decided it would be easier to have a taxi and then we could all have a drink – which we did! Our Aussie friends joined us and we even ventured to Mustang bar for more booze, but came back to Lukka for dinner and to see Captain Caveman off. We finished the night with a couple of gins and I gave the Aussies our IKEA order as they were off to Izmir the next day.

On Saturday (28th December) it was odd waking up without Captain Caveman, I had gluten free toast with butter and an orange juice for breakfast and started selling more stuff online, including drawers for the Aussies. They were throwing a load of towels and blankets out so I took them for the dog shelter. For lunch I made myself a roast dinner with my gluten free gravy and I collected our new cushions and table cloth from DLBS. I also started the first lot of dying of our beige and pale blue throws. The first lot I dyed to navy blue and it turned out rather well so on Sunday (29th December) I did a couple more, this time to a burgundy colour.

I met Jamie, Graeme and Sarah for a Lukka Sunday lunch (I even took my own gravy) and in the evening Jamie invited us all to his villa for a cheese night. He had brought over about 10 different cheeses and it was a great evening. Sarah and I left their villa ( and walked home in the rain having had a lovely weekend.

The end of the year, and decade, was approaching and on Monday 30th December I had a quiet day in readiness for the onslaught of what would be a messy new year’s eve (I didn’t know it at the time)!
I had my gluten free cornflakes for breakfast, our new double bed arrived (earlier than expected) and the men popped it together in no time and we got a free fitted sheet and pillow cases with it. I managed to put the clingfilmed bicycles in the under bed storage without too much difficulty and then had a lay on the new bed to test it out. For lunch I ate the remaining mushroom risotto from the freezer, I helped myself to a lamp which was being thrown out by the Aussies and sold all of ours and their drawers to make way for the new purchases.
In the afternoon I visited my good friend Vanessa for a cup of tea and a natter, I also borrowed a suitcase as I would be leaving for Vietnam in a couple of week’s time.
In the evening I watched a bit of Atypical on Netflix, which made a nice change.

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