I had left over chicken and an orange juice, but made Captain Caveman a bubble and squeak type of dish, for breakfast on Thursday 26th December before we got ready for our boxing day boat trip. We had booked it a while ago when Sarah had said she would be going on the Captain Boris boat and so we had decided to book it too. Our Aussie friends also wanted to come but this was the day they had to meet the estate agents and do all the formalities of buying their new apartment on the same complex as us. They were about to officially become our Dalyan neighbours and were buying a lovely 1 bedroom ground floor apartment, with a great poolside terrace, at Fire Opal. (Photo by the new owner below)

The boat trip started with tea/coffee and biscuits, (gluten free ones for me which were a bit like licking sand but I was grateful to see they had tried) while we sailed off on a short journey across the river. We docked and were given the chance to have a walk up and around the ruins of Kaunos which we were both up for, especially given Sarah had with her the unfinished pompom rug and was staying behind to finish it. Jamie and Graeme were arriving later so it had to be done. The boxing day walk was lovely – me and a lady called Andrea even had to stop for a pee in a school in Çandır village. The boat picked us all up at Çandır next to some very accessible tombs (if we had been wearing the right footwear) and it was very picturesque. We got back on the boat to find Sarah had completed the rug and was also on the gin!

We sailed to the beach and while the crew got ready for a massive lunch the captain, Sarah, Andrea and Grace all decided to have a swim in the sea. Captain Boris asked me to record it and make an appeal for anyone watching to donate £5 to a charity of their choice because it was very cold, although sunny. After much hilarity and Captain Caveman wishing he’d gone for a swim instead of just a paddle we said we would do it next year! The food was excellent and all but the couscous was gluten free and so I had 2 platefuls and Captain Caveman had 3! It was delicious and probably the best chips I’ve had in Dalyan. There was chicken, meatballs, casserole, salads, potatoes, cabbage, aubergine, yogurt dips and chips served with Tılsım red wine.

It was a great day out and we went to Lukka bar for a drink afterwards and then to meet our Aussie friends at Fire Opal. We ended up eating at Backyard No9 where everyone had pizza and I had a burger without bread which was very tasty. Sarah joined us a bit later and a tad tipsy as she was excited that Jamie and Graeme were on their way to Dalyan.
We all went back to Lukka bar to wait for them but the Aussies and Captain Caveman were almost asleep and went home about 10.30pm. Sarah and I managed to welcome them but were also flagging and I just had the one drink with them before heading back home to bed.
Friday was going to be a busy day and it was time to say farewell to Captain Caveman!

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