I was very happy on Tuesday 31st December, the last day of the year, for various reasons; I had had a great night’s sleep in our new bed and it had passed the test, the sun was shining, we were getting more enquiries to book Fire Opal for 2020, I had an appointment for my hair doing, I got to speak to Captain Caveman and I had entered the Volkan Adventures raffle of which the draw was at 4pm.
But first of all my Facebook feed was going mad with friends posting their 10 years difference photos so I was also curious. Apart from being a bit fatter and looking a bit older mine could have been taken a lot closer together. Both were taken with Aviva friends and it also reminded me that today was my official date of leaving Aviva 5 years ago – time really has flown by!

My brunch consisted of cheese, dates, walnuts and olives before heading off to be fussed over by Emrah who was doing something new to my hair today. I had requested a 1920s up do in readiness for the Gangsters and Molls new year’s eve party at Lukka bar. A lot of my mates were going to other venues but given I can have a drink right on the doorstep and the owners have become great friends I chose to go there.
After having my hair backcombed and pinned to a style I worried I’d never get out I tootled over to Lukka to meet Sarah for an afternoon drink and to wait to hear the raffle results from Volkan’s Adventures.

The raffle was broadcast live on Facebook but I didn’t catch mine and so I went home to listen while getting ready for the evening. I was really pleased that we had won a boat trip for 2 people on their Beyond 12 Islands and a £40 voucher! It’s also valid for 2 years, not that we will need to wait that long.


The Aussies were on their way back from their Izmir and Ephesus trip and had agreed to meet me and Arif at Lukka once they were ready. I had agreed to look after Yaps, Sarah’s dog, as she, Jamie and Graeme left to go to the Casa Nova party. I started on the prosecco and waited for the Aussies and they eventually arrived looking gorgeous in their outfits – Arif and I were already drinking and I had gone past the eating dinner stage by then but settled on some BBQ chicken wings.

By the time midnight came around I was on the very large rhubarb and ginger gins and someone had given me a party blower that I wasn’t being annoying with, at all! As the countdown began Mehmet, the owner, gave me the microphone to do the countdown while he set off the fireworks! After that it was chaos as I went round everyone wishing them a ‘happy new year’ (taking selfies) and I didn’t even have an emergency sausage roll about me to prevent the New Year’s Eve snogs!!!

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