My last weekend in Dalyan started on Friday 10th January with a walk with Milo, Maddie’s cute cockapoo, followed by a make do breakfast to eat up what I had in. For lunch I had gluten free pasta with bacon, pesto and parmesan then I went for my last hairdresser’s appointment with Emrah, until April. I was sniffling with a cold and my eyes kept watering so I wasn’t really feeling it and didn’t go for curls this time. Emrah still made me feel good and look a lot better than I did when I walked in and so I tootled round to Lukka for some dinner of a bacon cheeseburger (no bun) and wedges and a drink of cherry juice – another alcohol free day! I finished the day with Milo walks, playing with the pooch and Netflix. I had received the photos of the apartment from Greg (see below) and he had been able to send them on to the estate agent to update the website – they looked good and the bathrooms were at last captured so that potential customers could see them more clearly.

I woke up still feeling ill on Saturday 11th January, which was a bit of a shame given it was my birthday. Milo and I had a little walk before coming back for a flu remedy and some gluten free breakfast for me and some fresh biscuits and a treat for the pooch. I caught up with a bit of blogging, watched the last of Atypical on Netflix and packed my bag ready for being back to Fire Opal that evening.
We had another longer walk before I headed over to my place to get ready to enjoy my birthday. I don’t cope well with the ingredients of the Tylol cold remedy and so my heart was already at twice the speed it should be by the time Sarah arrived. I still had the wine I’d bought myself from Serendip at around £25 per bottle and so we opened that and had some gluten free bread sticks with it. The wine was amazing!
Because there were a few mates who lived a bit out of the town centre it worked out easier to meet at Lukka bar for a birthday beverage during the day so we headed there. The sun was out and so too was almost everyone I knew in Dalyan at that point in time. I bought Sarah and I a bottle of prosecco and Kaye bought me a rather large (premium) whisky to ‘kill or cure’ my cold. I felt pretty drunk already and the Tylol was having, what I can only imagine was, a bit of an amphetamine-like reaction.
I moved from table to table saying hello and cheers with everyone, including those who probably had no idea it was mine and Sarah’s birthday booze-up and my farewell drinks – I took loads of photos (some were so blurry I had to delete later but a few came out rather well).
Sarah had booked a table for the sit-down birthday meal at Rendezvous, where they serve my favourite meal. I was well on my merry way by this time and had a great time at Rendezvous where the owner and his staff really looked after us – so much so that they joined our party of 4 (probably feeling sorry for us) as we headed to Mustang Bar where we had organised birthday drinks with pretty much everyone in Dalyan who could come.
Of course it got messy as I danced and rapped my way through the night and I bought all the girls a rose from Ismail, the flower man, and even made him stay for a dance. Katrina arrived and brought me a really lovely gift – she had made me a glittery wine glass with ‘Jaqueline de Plonk’ on it. Maddie and Bianca were back from Istanbul and joined us as well as a few others and we had a good laugh (mainly at me dancing).
We were meant to go back to Lukka bar for last orders but for some reason we went straight to Sky Lounge. In there I got stung for the priciest cocktails on the menu and didn’t end up getting home until stupid o’clock.

On Sunday 12th January I was quite hungover and the cold was worse! In my wisdom when I had got in from celebrating birthdays I had decided to empty all of the kitchen cupboards so that I didn’t forget to do them. I also had to check with Mehmet at Lukka bar to see what time I had said I was having Sunday dinner (my last one for quite some time).
At 4pm I went round to Lukka with various bags to return or give away to people before I left. Sarah got Bacardi, prawns and sugar, Maddie olive oil, Katrina flour and olives, Leanne her coat, wig, feather boa and some snacks for her kid, Andy a beer. When I arrived at Lukka a lot of the familiar faces were there to laugh at the sorry state I was in. I ordered orange juice then went to pick up some earrings I had ordered for Tatas, in Vietnam, the same stone as my ring and Amanda’s earrings. On my way I popped in to Mustang to pick up the cake plate, Sarah’s glittery glass and to thank them for the night. It was a bit worrying that I got applause from the staff when I went in! I walked back to the bar after returning the plate and it’s surprising how many people offer you wine when you are walking down the street with an empty glass!
Back at Lukka I forced the roast beef dinner down me (with my own gluten free gravy) and an orange juice then a coke. Katrina did me my last gluten free apple crumble which was delicious and then it was time to say goodbye to everyone, which was sad!
I ran a few errands, went to the bank and then back home to start packing. Vanessa popped over (as is our leaving Dalyan tradition) and we had a cup of black tea and a good natter. I also managed to give Vanessa the last of what was left in the fridge and a few bits from the cupboard.
All that was left to do was store all of the stuff away in the lockable cupboards and pack for my journey to Vietnam. It was gone midnight when I got to bed and my alarm was set for 5am the next morning!

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