Watto was off on his first Son Doong tour of the year on Monday 10th February and so Captain Caveman and I went over to Ho Khanh’s to join him and Chrissy for breakfast. I took my own gluten free cornflakes and had a ginger tea.
We decided to go to Little Leaf for lunch seeing as it was just the two of us and I was going to have the BBQ prawns but they had ran out. Instead I ordered spring rolls, sweet potato leaves and steamed rice. Captain Caveman ordered scallops and would also share my choices. The spring rolls are really tasty at Little Leaf and when the scallops came I couldn’t resist to try one, even though I know I’m allergic to them – it’s the best seafood in Phong Nha, I’d say. The lunch was great and we chatted to the owner, Phuong, before heading for a drink with him and Josh at Diep Le homestay, just a little way along the river side. The day had started fairly cool and cloudy but by the time we headed back home it was sunny again. Unfortunately it wasn’t long after being back in the house that I had an allergic reaction to that one scallop and was in a bit of a state until 7pm when we had to meet friends.
We had arranged to meet at Co Diep, a Vietnamese restaurant selling local food, which we had not been to before. The others were kind to me and ordered beef hotpot without chillies and some beef fried rice. It was delicious and the food was served very quickly.

After a terrible night’s sleep because of me being allergic to scallops I skipped breakfast on Tuesday 11th February. By lunchtime though I was starting to feel hungry and went to Coco House with friends. I ordered the sweet and sour pork and some sweet potato fries which was very nice but had chillies in and so I didn’t even leave the restaurant before needing the bathroom (another allergy which I forgot to ask for the dish without chillies). For the rest of the day I was in bed sick and had left Captain Caveman at Ho Khanh’s beach, drinking for the rest of the day. When I got to The Villas to meet Tatas and Captain Caveman he was really drunk, they had food while I just stuck to a couple of cups of chamomile tea. Captain Caveman was too drunk to go out after dinner so we came home and I packed for the next day as we were off on an early Valentine’s celebration – that’s if my stomach would allow the journey and he wasn’t too hungover.

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