On Friday 7th February I started the day well with a vegan soup for lunch at Veggie Box with Tatas (she had the veggie taste and the mushroom taste) but then we decided to lounge in hammocks at Ho Khanh’s in the afternoon. This meant we had an alcoholic drink but I did keep it to just the one strongbow. In the evening we had planned to go to Little Leaf but it was Taylor’s leaving drinks at The Villas so we stopped by for one at Happy Hour. Looking back only having a bowl of vegan soup may have been my downfall because, after 4 margaritas and a ton of popcorn I was a bit merry and it was too late to go to eat elsewhere. Instead we had potato, artichoke and edamame salad followed by half a bottle of red wine and a delicious dessert. We were about to go home when the owners and manager joined us and offered us a couple of nightcaps on the house. By this time the leaving girl had left and it was just me and Tatas drinking with the guys. It was a good night but I would definitely be feeling it the next day.

I have not felt as rough as I did on Saturday 8th February when I woke up after 3 hours of sleep, coughing and thirsty as hell. I couldn’t really function much and I was wishing I had eaten more during the day. Tatas had gone on tour and miraculously didn’t even have a hangover! Caroline and Taylor had to bring me a Lantern takeout for lunch, I was that bad. I didn’t even go out for dinner either but ate rice crackers and raisins when I woke up too late to venture out for food.

I decided my Sunday breakfast on the 9th February would be at Capture Cafe for my usual bacon, beans and potatoes and a mango smoothie. The bacon there is always super crispy and, in my opinion, the best in town. Josh and Tatas also joined and as we were about to leave the rain came down pretty heavily so we took shelter with a drink over at D’Arts. It’s usually the perfect place to eat bun cha but we just had a drink, tried out the dartboard and sat on the comfy sofas inside.
For lunch I met with Josh and D-Dub at Phong Nha Vegan where they had tofu dishes and I had the fresh spring rolls which is my favourite dish there. By the time we had finished Captain Caveman was back from Son Doong and so Josh joined us for balcony drinks – I had a cider, Captain Caveman had Laos dark beer and Josh had water. Usually they talk about caving straight away but this time they managed a solid 15 minutes discussion of the names of the full moons, prompted by the mention that Momma D’s had a snow moon party that night.
Captain Caveman went to his gala dinner at Chay Lap while Josh, D-Dub, Tatas, Chrissy and I went to Nguyen Shack for dinner. It was still a bit rainy and the wind had got up making it less appealing to be at a rooftop event. Chrissy and I chose a bottle of white wine called Excellence which turned out to be badly named. It was cheap at only 220,000vnd and warm but the waitress did her best by bringing us a well used jug with water and ice to put it in. The cork also broke half way but they managed to get it out with only a couple of bits in the wine. The colder it got the better it tasted but I wouldn’t have it again. The food though was great and I loved the chicken lemongrass skewers.
We all went to Momma D’s for the snow moon party afterwards where we used the blankets to keep warm and just had the one drink before cycling home together.

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