We decided to sleep with the front curtains open so that we could see the amazing views when we woke up on Thursday 2nd April. As it turned out there was lots of cloud covering the mountains and it was quite dull, it was still nice to see though. In the news there was a mention that there would be a clemency on tourist visas while we were all in social distancing and unable to travel, this meant that I didn’t need to extend my visa until after the 15th April – I hoped my passport,which I had posted on the 31st March, was still going to arrive safely in Hanoi though. I briefly read the news and the virus data was showing more and more deaths. The highest amount of deaths so far were in Italy, Spain, USA, France, then China. We had nothing in for breakfast so I had pho ga at Oxalis Home and then we went to the supermarket and the Shop & Go for some favourite/essential items (crisps mainly), wearing our masks obviously. The weather forecast had gone crazy, saying there would be thunder storms and rain for the foreseeable future but it wasn’t raining yet. For lunch Captain Caveman had a strange concoction of 2 day old pitta bread with marmite (best before 2017) and peanut butter on – watching him eat it made me feel sick. Luckily I had left over Phong Nha Vegan which was delicious and left over wine. We shared some crisps and I managed to perfect a new skill – crisp packet folding for the bin-space conscious! Momma D got in touch to say she was off to buy essentials in Dong Hoi and so we asked her for rice crackers and Kahlua and she agreed. Captain Caveman got on with sorting, decluttering and tidying the ‘miscellaneous’ cupboard which resulted in him storing similar items together in boxes – he even had a haberdashery box. I put our Le Mitchell loyalty cards in a safe place, hoping when all this virus stuff was over we would still be able to spend our 2 million dong at the Farmstay – or at least exchange it for wine/accommodation when it reopened.
After a bit of work we had a gin (him with tonic, me with orange twister) and decided to watch more Tiger King. Unfortunately my Netflix wouldn’t connect so he watched it and I did some writing. We ordered curry from Raj at Namaste again and this time I went for a chicken tikka masala with onion bhajis which was delicious. Captain Caveman had a paneer chana masala with chapatis and lamb samosas which looked amazing. Captain Caveman finished watching the whole series but I still couldn’t access Netflix and was behind on Tiger King, I finally finished it and definitely recommend watching it – it’s mental!

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