The weekend was certainly going to be an interesting challenge as I don’t think in all the time of being with Captain Caveman we have ever had to spend every minute of the day together for a whole weekend, let alone a week or more! On Friday 3rd April (day 3 of social distancing measures) I had the last of my gluten free cornflakes, which I had brought over from Turkey. I even jazzed them up with some raisins and the last of the sugar free milk, they were soggy but did the trick. We cycled to town for essentials; eggs, avocados, pomelo, sugar free milk (the last 2 cartons in the market), and couldn’t find any salted lime drinks. It was a bit damp out but while the rain eased off, and our cleaner did her magic, we called in to Oxalis so that Captain Caveman could check on something work related with the operations manager. While we were at Oxalis Home we ordered and shared lunch of chicken and cashew nuts which was really tasty and I had a mango smoothie. Captain Caveman managed to get down 3 beers as it started to rain so we waited it out.
We had the good news that my passport had been received in Hanoi and would be kept safely until places opened again to be able to carry out the visa extension. On the way back home we picked up our essentials from Momma D (with our masks on) and now had kahlua and rice crackers! In the afternoon Captain Caveman thought we would play a drinking game called Tubthumping. We drank a whisky drink, we drank a vodka drink, he drank a lager drink, I drank a cider drink. We sang songs that reminded us of the good times…. (you get the idea). In the evening we ate the leftover curry from Namaste and then chilled out – Captain Caveman watching Netflix and me starting more language refreshers on Duolingo. During the #STFAH it was good to see that all street lights in Phong Nha were off, saving money and discouraging any meet ups.

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