By day 5 of social distancing in Phong Nha we had got in to a morning routine of checking the previous day’s news and Corona virus data. On Sunday 5th April the infected cases in Vietnam were 240 and the number of recoveries got to 90 – maybe there was a glimmer of hope that the curve was starting to flatten. However it turned out that the local Catholic church was abusing their position and flouting the rules. A lot of people in Phong Nha were very annoyed and were under the impression that the catholics and the priest were taking the piss – it was even in the news!
As it was a Sunday we didn’t expect that the virus stats would be updated accurately across the globe until Monday and so we got on with our day, trying to make the most of the bad situation and get some things off the to do list. For breakfast I managed to combine a small noggin of cheese with a rice cracker for a continental option and for lunch I had the leftover chicken fried rice, which I really should have eaten the night before. I brushed up on more Turkish, Captain Caveman did more tidying – he was now tackling electric cables, various wires and gadgets (all of which I had never seen before). When he’d finished he had unearthed a gem of a find; he’d only got a Bluetooth speaker which still worked and we promptly turned the room into a disco. The first song, rather ironically, that we had to Shazam was Barry Maguire’s Eve of Destruction which we got rid of and put on some more upbeat and danceable tunes. While the kids (now in bigger numbers) played hopscotch on our driveway we drank red wine and danced in daylight to the likes of Queen, Credance Clearwater Revival, The Stone Roses, The Doors and even a spot of Erasure. Captain Caveman took videos of me singing and dancing about and we even sent it to my parents and a friend who one of the songs reminded me of. In the evening we ordered a curry from Raj, at Namaste, and we even chanced a chicken pakoda which we shared amicably. The food was great as usual and we ordered enough to keep in the fridge for a day or two! I started watching a series on Netflix called Rotten which is really interesting – Josh had recommended watching episode 2 which focuses on allergies and was very enlightening for someone who’s allergic to 2 out of the 8 common allergens.

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