Although we had not had the storms and rain that had been forecast it had got a bit nippy on Monday 6th April, so much so that when we ventured out we wished we had taken a jacket – the temperature was 22°! The Corona virus data for the UK was pretty depressing and it looked likely that their lockdown, which should be finishing soon, would not be – we would later find out that Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of the UK, who had been diagnosed with the virus on 27th March, was now in hospital at St Thomas’s in London! Vietnam’s recovery rate was still increasing and was at 39.4% with a mention of more being released in the next day or two, once their third test had come back negative. We needed to go to the market and so we stopped by the Coffee Station for our usual breakfast. In the market we picked up a few more essentials of potatoes and masks, we also looked for one of those things window cleaners use for cleaning windows but was unsuccessful – the windows at home were dusty and the front one still has the White Russian’s hand prints on them. There were a few police around in town checking that everyone was wearing masks and keeping to the social distancing rules. On the way home we stopped at a small shop and found 3 bottles of salted lime drink. Captain Caveman did more tidying of the wardrobes, this time sorting suitcases, bags and caving gear – he also fixed a door with an old shoelace (he’s handy like that)! I washed and sorted all the bedding we have and we even put the blanket back on in the spare room. I rediscovered a Christmas gift from when we were in Australia and popped my koalas on the wine glasses. Today would have been the day I started my Vietnamese lessons in Hanoi with Vietlesson so instead I gave Duolingo a try, I’d forgotten most of it.
That night while Captain Caveman watched Money Heist (or something like that) I continued with the documentary, Rotten, on Netflix. We had a couple of gins, his with tonic and mine with salted lime which went really well with the Rock Rose gin and leftover Namaste curry.

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