I learned something new after breakfast on Saturday 4th April. Before that though I read the news and was upset to see that the UK now had a higher number of deaths than China and had still not recorded any further recoveries (currently only 135) – it was not looking good. There were a few cases appearing in Vietnam which were connected to previous cases which were outside of the 14 day period of potential contagiousness and I read that studies had shown that infected people could still be contagious for 8 days after they had recovered and were showing no signs. Without proper testing, tracing and stricter quarantine measures I could see little change happening in those countries on the increase any time soon. My NCOVI app reminded me to check and submit my health status, as we were both doing daily now.
I’d had a rice cracker and ginger tea for breakfast but was still a bit peckish so decided to give the pomelo ago. Now, I wish I’d taken photos to demonstrate my point here but once I’d committed to eating the said fruit my hands were just too sticky to stop. For those of you who haven’t seen or had one it’s a big, dark green, fruit not dissimilar to a grapefruit. The skin is much thicker and the colour of the fruit is a kind of pale pinkish. By the time I’d peeled it, it was already half the size and the first bite wasn’t good – it was tough, chewy and tasted of pith. I didn’t realise until I offered a piece to Captain Caveman that I was meant to peel the fruit fully out of the white skin. By the time I’d got cleaned up from the pomelo which, in conclusion, is nice but far too much work to be bothered with, it was almost lunchtime. We decided to have a cold can from the fridge and admire the view from the windows. Within 10 minutes of opening my can of dark fruits cider it was lashing down and we were glad we hadn’t nipped out for any exercise. We had leftover curry and more rice crackers for lunch, in the evening we tried a new place for food – Le Huyen had advertised her takeaway on the Phong Nha Visitors Facebook page and we decided to give it a try. Captain Caveman had pizza with beef, onion and pepper on and I had chicken fried rice. It was actually pretty good, cheap, delivered for free and we got free chips too.

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