It was one week since the current social distancing measures were enforced in Vietnam, on Tuesday 7th April and I didn’t look at the news or data first thing – it was getting a bit predictable now. There was good news in Phong Nha though, Andy (of Andy’s Disco Bar fame) had been innovative and come up with a new meal delivery option. We both ordered the chicken, fried rice and soup for 60,000vnd for lunch. It was really tasty and filling and we didn’t even save any for dinner. I found it went very nicely with an apple cider while Captain Caveman stuck with beer.
In the afternoon I checked in on the NCOVI app and then couldn’t help but look at the virus data. The good news was that the Vietnamese recovery rate had reached 50%, but the bad news was that the UK had reached over 5,000 deaths, which doesn’t sound half as bad if you look at it as a percentage of the whole population – still less than 1% of ‘preventable’ deaths to Corona. Germany had half as many cases as UK but had already recorded 36,000 cases recovered, whereas the UK still had only recorded that 135 people had recovered.
Captain Caveman wanted pizza for dinner so we had the delivery from Le Huyen (again) and I ate my chicken fried rice with a couple of white russians. We also noticed that George the gecko has a friend, Gertie, and a baby, Georgie, all of whom were doing their best to get down the green fly that evening. We also noticed that it had only been a week but Captain Caveman was down to the last of the beer (from a very full fridge).

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