Since the social distancing measures which started on the 1st April, here in Vietnam, I have used Google much more than I would have ordinarily. Here’s a list of everything I googled (30 of them), for those who like a list:

1. Gins, and what to drink with which ones.
2. Omar’s Namaste menu (several times).
3. Weather forecasts.
4. How long it takes ice cubes to freeze.
5. World Life Expectancy Corona virus statistics (often).
6. Populations of countries and cities.
7. Interesting facts about geckos (they sleep in the day and can lick their own eyes).
8. Difference between raisins and sultanas.
9. Yorkshire phrases and their meanings (because I said ‘I can’t get me hat off’).
10. The members of the band, Cream.
11. Dominic Cummings.
12. Dates of first cases of Corona virus in various countries.
13. Earthquake updates in Turkey.
14. English to Vietnamese translation.
15. English to Turkish translation.
16. Greenfly prevention.
17. Ant prevention.
18. JOLOYOLO YouTube playlist.
19. Ingredients of various Indian dishes (Malai kofte).
20. Name that tune presenter (Tom O’Connor).
21. Prince songs.
22. Utah Saints – why that name?
23. Indian food which is gluten free.
24. Quinine and its side effects.
25. Lionel Blair (don’t ask).
26. Oxalis Adventure.
27. Start of Ramadan 2020.
28. Drummer in The Stone Roses.
29. English to German translation.
30. English to Russian translation.

Photo by Captain Caveman

Here’s the next week of Google excitement for you:

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