Not all my googling over the last 4 weeks of self-inflicted staying at home had been to argue with Captain Caveman. A lot of it was to help me recover from my ligament damage in my ankle and knee. A lot of my readers love a list, as do I, so here are my 30 Google searches:

1. BBC News
2. Ultrasound
3. World Life Expectancy statistics
4. English to Turkish translation
5. Houseboats in Turkey
6. English to Vietnamese translation
7. Ann Simmons
8. Rashmi chicken
9. Yanaba
10. Alpha-chymotrypsin
11. Ligaments diagram
12. Weather
13. What temperature will a human die at
14. X-ray clinic in Dong Hoi
15. Big Brother contestants 2010
16. MCL damage
17. Twitch in foot
18. After injury advice – barefoot or trainers
19. Sun-lounger cushions
20. CFL treatment
21. First steps after ankle ligament tear
22. Driving age in USA
23. Physio for torn ankle ligaments
24. Vitamin B12 injection
25. Getting my knee straight again
26. Herniated disc
27. Exercises to avoid with MCL injury
28. Michael Jordan
29. Standing on ankle again
30. Tacos

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