Captain Caveman was up early on Monday 18th May, he’s been waking up every day before 6am and going in to the spare room for showers and to read stuff on his phone without waking me up. By 7.30am he had returned, filled the kettle, boiled it and was filling a flask of iced tea for me before he headed down to Oxalis. I’d also ran out of medication so he was off to the pharmacy to pick me some up, while also meeting up with a friend who’d come to visit Phong Nha.
I had a friend pop over to visit but I didn’t have the keys or capability to let her in the house, Captain Caveman did answer his phone but had just ordered his eggs benedict at Coffee Station. In the end she got in after our housemate was able to assist and she filled me in on what has been happening this past month.
After my friend left I was getting a bit hungry so called Captain Caveman to see if he could get me some lunch, he was already at Funny Monkeys and had ordered some food for us. We shared pork fried rice but I couldn’t eat much of it as it had accidentally got chilli in it. This meant I ate snacks in the afternoon and found out how to create a JoLo avatar – hours of fun! One of Captain Caveman’s issues with having to get me toiletries/my purse/stuff from the drawers in the spare room was that he didn’t know where anything was and my drawers were too messy for him, so he emptied all the contents in to some crates and asked me to sort it all into a better state. I did a couple of them but found that it was too hot and I couldn’t reach easily to do it at the table.
Captain Caveman went to meet friends at Momma D’s for sunset, with a promise of bringing me dinner from Namaste, which arrived at 9.30pm – chicken bhuna and chips!

It was a few degrees cooler on Tuesday 19th May. Vietnam had 4 new Corona cases (quarantined on arrival) and 3 recoveries. The world had 87,000 more cases, 3,300 deaths and another 48,000 had recovered in the last day. The UK data showed they had a total of 246,000 cases and 34,700 deaths. Turkey had reached 150,500 cases and 4,000 deaths. I had gluten free biscuits for breakfast and then tried to make myself look more like my avatar! I had another visitor mid-morning too – I’d not seen Tatas since the end of the post lockdown drunken night, 32 days ago. She came in, gave me a hug and updated us both on any news.
After she left we had curry leftovers for lunch and I got on with some writing and Turkish lessons. In the evening Captain Caveman went to join friends at Momma D’s and I decided to try the new gluten free selection of sausages, which he brought as a takeaway. He had his sausages with mash gravy and peri peri sauce while I had chips, steamed veg and BBQ sauce with mine. I ordered 2 beef and 2 pork, ate 1 each of the pork and beef and saved the other two for the next day. They were really tasty and I’d not had sausages for some time but within 30 minutes of eating I had a bad stomach. Captain Caveman assured me he had definitely ordered the gluten free ones so maybe it was still the chillies from earlier. We watched White Lines on Netflix later and Captain Caveman fell asleep in his deck chair – all this being a carer and socialising was wearing him out.

It was a slightly busier day in my world on Wednesday 20th May. Captain Caveman went off to Son Doong for 2 days for a marketing trip, meaning I had to fend for myself a lot more. It was hotter, I had breakfast of rice crackers and Laughing Cow cheese spread and then got on with some of the organising of my clutter.
While I hoped the world corona figures were reducing it didn’t look likely any time soon, there were 93,000 new cases, a further 50,500 recovered but 4,700 more deaths since yesterday. The UK had increased by 2,800 cases (to 248,800) but only a further 600 deaths (to 35,300) in a day. Turkey had increased by 900 cases and 200 deaths.
I did some exercises for my leg and found I could bend the knee more but still couldn’t straighten my leg without pain. Captain Caveman had arranged for us to go back to see the doctor for physio on Friday so I was hoping it would be a bit better by then. I had one of the leftover sausages for lunch and it gave me a bad stomach again so I was thinking I may have been accidentally glutened. I messed about with my avatar pictures and tried to find a more tired look but it didn’t have them. I noticed more comments on Facebook of people in the UK tiring of staying at home and deciding to go out or meet up with other people which annoyed me. I’d also never seen so many people desperate to do things outdoors they had never done before – one friend, not known for her activeness, had bought a bicycle!
I watched a couple of episodes of Love is Blind on Netflix and didn’t eat anything but popcorn for dinner because of my dodgy tum – at least I was getting more exercise getting to and from the spare bathroom.

I had planned for a lay in, with Captain Caveman being away, on Thursday 21st May, but unfortunately I woke up early because I was hungry. I wasn’t sure if my stomach would be able to tolerate the food I had in the fridge but I had nothing else in.
It was hot again, I did a COVID online survey and then checked in on the app. There were now over 5 million cases of Corona worldwide; a further 99,000 cases, with 4,800 more deaths and 63,000 recoveries the previous day. I braved what was left in the fridge and ate the last sausage (a different type to yesterday) and the rest of the veg and attempted more sorting drawer stuff out. Later I had some cheese and crisps and my stomach started to feel better.
Captain Caveman got back late and we ordered delivery from Phong Nha Underground for dinner, I had falafel salad, a new favourite of mine and Captain Caveman a burger. I had ordered garden rolls for me too but I decided to save them for tomorrow’s breakfast as we were off to Dong Hoi.

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