It’s been 6 weeks since I drunkenly injured myself and ended up with damaged ligaments in my ankle and knee, it’s been just over 5 weeks since I borrowed some crutches and it’s been 1 week since the physio told me I could practice putting weight on my bad leg. Here’s my list of 10 things I’ve planned for when I can walk a bit better:

1. Get down (& back up) the house stairs.
2. Walk to Ho Khanh’s for a cold drink.
3. Try getting on a motorbike so I can go out out.
4. Have time at the pool somewhere relaxing.
5. Avoid places with stairs and hard to get to toilets for the time being.

6. Visit a neighbour.
7. Get a little bit of sun on my Vitamin D deficient body (with sunscreen, ofcourse).
8. Say hello to Bluey (my bicycle).

9. Stroke a dog.
10. Have a glass of wine or a Margarita.

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