Being stuck at home on crutches offers plenty of time for reflection and so I decided to share a short post about one of my favourite experiences in Danang. My latest visit was around this time last year when I had a holiday from work and we chose to do something fancy.

On Sunday 2nd June 2019 Josh and Tatas knocked on our hotel door at 8.30am, after they had got the night bus down from Phong Nha. We were all booked in for Sunday Brunch at the Intercontinental in Danang that afternoon and we were all looking forward to it. We went to a cafe for drinks beforehand and we discovered something none of us knew about Josh – he’s scared of people wearing mascot outfits!

We all dressed up in our nicest togs and took a Grab up to the stunning restaurant. We’ve been a few times now but it was Josh and Tatas first time. You can choose different packages depending on what you would like to drink. The brunch lasts for 3 hours and there is an amazing choice of food for you to feast on. Of course Captain Caveman and I went for the free-flowing champagne option while the other two stayed on the soft drinks. As usual the food was really good and I ate so much I was probably undoing all the weight loss over the last 7 months but I didn’t care. I ate so many prawns, I really liked the duck and of course I got a bit tipsy. The cheeseboard was pretty good for Vietnam but the gluten free bread inedible so I stuck to the rice crackers.

After the meal we went to the beach and we took lots of photos and had another drink in the bar.
In the evening our two friends went to Hoi An while Captain Caveman and I went back to the hotel for a nap, planning to get up later and go out – I woke up at midnight with a hangover.

Photo credit to Tatas and Josh for all the good ones!

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