On Friday 22nd May At 7am it was 30°C, it was going to be a hot one. Vietnam had 2 more Corona recoveries making it back to 82% recovered out of the 324 total cases in the country, still no deaths although there was speculation of the British man having to be flown elsewhere for a lung transplant.
The world had a massive 108,760 new cases, 4,876 deaths and 58,500 more recoveries for yesterday. The UK had slipped in to 5th (with over 250,000) in the world cases as Brazil went mental, they had reached 36,000 (2nd in the world) for deaths. Turkey was 9th with 153,000 cases and 14th with 4,249 deaths.
At our apartment in Dalyan the pool had been cleaned and filled and was ready for our guest who had moved in earlier that week and it made me wish I was there, swimming in it!

I didn’t have time for breakfast as Captain Caveman called me to say to start making my way down the stairs as the car and driver were on their way from Oxalis now! My shoes were still outside so I had to wait for him to come and help me get them as I couldn’t reach them. I went down the stairs on my bum much quicker than the previous time and Mr Toan was waiting patiently to get me in the car.
We drove straight to An Khang clinic in Dong Hoi and we went in, we were unable to get a translator but we managed fine as they remembered me and the girls spoke some English and were friendly. They asked us to wait 1 hour for the physio doctor and popped us in the ultrasound room with the Aircon on. I had my blood pressure taken which was normal and then we sat and waited, while numerous pregnant women came in for their baby scans. We hadn’t seen one before and it wasn’t fascinating, we also saw a sick baby who had something wrong with it’s tummy. I hate needles so when there were any blood tests done I had to look away.
When the physio came he looked at all my x-ray, ultrasound and MRI results and then got me to lay down on the bed. He manhandled my legs and I was in lots of pain and he asked me to put weight on my bad foot and walk across the room, which was hard. The verdict was to get rid of the compression bandages and practice walking with the crutches for 2 weeks then come back. It was a bargain fee of 100,000vnd (£3.50) which is amazing. We had no time to do anything in Dong Hoi, although I had hoped to meet Des in his lunch hour and possibly have a white russian and lunch at Tree Hugger, because Mr Toan had to get back to Phong Nha. I was a sweaty mess once I had bum shuffled back to the top floor of our house, stripped off and sat down.
I had leftover chicken garden rolls from Phong Nha Underground which were really delicious and treated myself to a snickers while Captain Caveman made me some iced oolong tea. I saw a jumping spider which I couldn’t move and Captain Caveman wouldn’t, so I did some walking up and down for exercises. From one end to the other our room was 7 metres and it was about 3.5 metres to the fridge so these would be my indoor walking paths. My outdoor walking route consisted of the ‘balcony run’ going to and from our spare room which measured 20 metres in total and so I was hopeful to be on the mend soon. Captain Caveman was very optimistic and headed straight out to meet friends for beers and lunch. After exercising I caught up on some Turkish but was finding it difficult to concentrate on, without any more medication, aside from paracetamol, my leg was giving me some gyp. The good news is though that the swelling was gone on the knee and much better on the ankle.
Later that evening Captain Caveman brought food from Namaste – even though it was Friday night we didn’t bother with a film and I was so tired that I was asleep early.

We had a surprise visitor in our bed on the morning of Saturday 23rd May, Geraldine (the baby gecko) had fallen from the ceiling and was a bit stuck in the covers. Captain Caveman rescued her and put her safe before heading out for breakfast. I had my usual Laughing Cow and rice crackers but no tea today. I checked in online, checked out the data to see Vietnam had 1 more recovery. The world was experiencing another lot of high cases with 109,000 in total, the 77,500 recoveries was looking promising but still 5,300 deaths in a day. Turkey had something strange going on with the numbers as there were less deaths showing than there were yesterday but cases were at 154,500. The UK had 254,000 cases (3,000 more) and 36,393 deaths (just less than 400) deaths in a day.
I ordered some strawberries from a local girl who also had rambutans and mango, which I added to the list. Captain Caveman popped back mid morning to bring the rambutans and mango, as well as some pickled onions from our friend, then went back out for lunch and some beers.
I had some cheese, pickled onions and fruit for lunch and did some more exercise, Turkish lessons and writing. The strawberries were delivered and Captain Caveman came back so he could put them in a bucket for me to wash and cut. I had a few and they were the best strawberries I’ve tasted in a long time!
The junk from my drawers were finally sorted and Captain Caveman had taken each crate and carefully placed it back in each drawer and took photos of them for me. We ordered food from Phong Nha Underground, Captain Caveman had spaghetti and meatballs which looked amazing, I had the pork dish again, which tasted good. We watched a film called Wheelman on Netflix which was a bit like a poor man’s version of Fast and Furious – it also went on a bit.

I had strawberries for breakfast on Sunday 24th May while Captain Caveman went out to The Villas to visit friends. It was cloudy but hot and around 29°C indoors so I did my usual Turkish learning with the fan on me. Captain Caveman came home with a friend who was visiting Phong Nha and we had a nice chat. He got to try the strawberries and we ordered the amazing BBQ chicken with sticky rice from East Hill. There were no zoom calls this Sunday so I kept up my exercises and did a walking video to send to my mom – I had a long way to go!
In the evening Captain Caveman went out to Momma D’s for drinks with friends while I stayed in (obviously) and ate the rest of the leftover curry from Friday night.

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