I didn’t think that looking after me could be so demanding but Captain Caveman assured me it was hard work. Of course I know he’s much better suited to being in a cave and he definitely does not take kindly to being bossed about. If the shoe was on the other foot (if only it would fit) then I hope I would be a much less angry and more reliable carer. I decided to illustrate how tough it is has been for him this far by making this list of 25 things he has been doing for me since tearing ligaments 8 weeks ago:

1. Washing and hanging out clothes & bedding

2. Putting dry clothes away

3. Opening and closing curtains (several times per day due to sun direction)
4. Washing up
5. Picking up my used towels and laundry plus anything I drop and can’t retrieve
6. Turning lights on and off (particularly where switches are hard to reach like behind the fridge)
7. Moving table and chairs between window view and near the fridge

8. Making tea (hot and iced)

9. Restocking the fridge
10. Buying/collecting shopping, medication & meals.
11. Emptying the bins
12. Drying the bathroom floor after wetting it
13. Putting toilet seats down

14. Getting me things down from high shelves
15. Collecting food deliveries from downstairs

16. Organising trips to Dong Hoi or elsewhere
17. Opening things (wine bottles, jars, things I can’t risk smashing)

18. Arranging for any visitors to get in to see me
19. Preparing for leaving the house by packing my bag and passing my shoes
20. Passing me things from the fridge and then putting things back in the fridge
21. Going ahead to suss out safety when outside the house (cafe toilets & access mainly)
22. Fixing my crutches when they malfunction
23. Saving geckos from scrapes and beasties

24. Being in charge of the fan (speed and position)
25. Removing ants from rice crackers so that I can eat them

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