At the moment I’m rather immobile I am not the quickest at being able to pack a bag. In fact I can’t carry anything from the wardrobe and drawers to the bed, a short distance away. So it was up to Captain Caveman to pack for me for any outings and here is what was in my bag:

1. Sunglasses
2. Contact lenses
3. Hairbrush
4. Underwear
5. Travel towel
6. Swimwear
7. Toothbrush
8. Toothpaste
9. Shampoo bar
10. Conditioner bar
11. Body wash bar
12. Suncream
13. After sun lotion
14. Nail clippers
15. Foot file
16. Nail file
17. 2 dresses
18. 1 pair of shorts
19. 3 t-shirts/tops
20. Comfy shoes
21. Sarong
22. Trousers
23. Socks
24. Mosquito repellent
25. Sun hat
26. Sleepwear
27. Phone charger
28. Book
29. Crossword puzzles
30. Moisturiser for feet
31. Diary
32. Notebook and pen
33. Medications
34. Bumbag
35. Headphones

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