It was 6 weeks already since the post ‘lockdown’ drinking celebration which landed me in my current housebound situation. On Friday 29th May Turkey announced that travel restrictions between cities will be lifted from 1st June. This is good news for Dalyan as they will hopefully benefit from domestic tourism and restaurants can open. There was talk of some international flights being allowed from 15th July.
Vietnam had no more updates as it remained on 84% recovery rate. The world had 4,100 more deaths, 112,800 new cases and 80,100 recoveries. The UK was now at 269,100 cases (an increase of 1,900) and 37,800 deaths (up 400) deaths.
For breakfast I had tofu garden rolls from the fridge with oolong tea. Captain Caveman was out most of the day with friends so I ate some sweets for lunch so that I could take my tablets and I did as much exercise as I could handle. I just wanted to be able to look after myself now as I couldn’t completely rely on anyone else’s help (on my terms) and I was very frustrated. Capture cafe had reopened today and I got a very thoughtful photo from Captain Caveman of the pizza he was eating at 4pm! Lung, the cleaner, came and so I did some Turkish then spoke to friends in Dalyan on a video call. It was nice to catch up with one of my good friends there as well as say hello to the owners of one of my favourite bars. Everyone was missing me and hoped I would come back soon and it looked really lovely.
Captain Caveman made it back in time for the East Hill sticky rice and BBQ chicken delivery at 6:30pm and it was as delicious as always. We had words and he promised that the next day he would get me food at meal times, I didn’t hold my breath.

A baby from Russia was the latest reported Corona case in Vietnam on Saturday 30th May and 1 recovery. The world reported 88,500 cases, 70,800 recoveries and 3,400 deaths in the last day. The UK cases weren’t slowing but the deaths were; a further 2,100 cases (total 271,200) and 300 deaths (total 38,100). Turkey had 1,200 more cases but no more deaths in the last 24 hours.
I was excited to be getting a Capture cafe breakfast of bacon, potatoes and beans as Captain Caveman headed down there, after nipping in Oxalis, for his breakfast and to bring me the takeaway, which didn’t materialise. Instead I ate gluten free biscuits for breakfast and then had the tofu garden rolls as a salad, with the leftover chicken for my lunch. It turned out that Captain Caveman had only got as far as coffee at Ho Khanh’s. He had never made it to Oxalis or Capture and forgot about my breakfast (and his) and started drinking beers with his friends. At 3.30pm he called me to tell me I had 1 hour to get ready as a car was picking me up and they were taking me to the Villas for Happy Hour. They were already pissed and I wasn’t impressed – a car coming at 4.30pm was hardly what I had in mind for a day out. I reluctantly went as I knew I would want dinner and we met other friends there too. The Villas is disabled friendly and I could use the ramp up to the dining area. Captain Caveman lost it with me because I chose the ramp over the stairs and started shouting. I was already beginning to wish I had not bothered coming and ordered my first alcoholic drink since the injury night. I had loads of popcorn and made my margarita last over an hour, because I’d been used to only drinking water most of the time I wasn’t used to the taste. I had a duck salad from the specials menu which was fantastic. while Captain Caveman devoured a massive burger and more drinks. I had 2 small glasses of red wine but decided that was enough. We were home before 9pm and I was very tired after bum shuffling up the stairs and arguing with Captain Caveman I told him I was fed up of his unreliability and I needed a Plan B. He admitted I was asking far too much of him and it didn’t leave him enough time to do his own things and he hated me nagging him all the time. It was a bloody good job I didn’t have anything seriously wrong with me but nevertheless I said I would try to only ask for help where absolutely necessary. Mentally, I decided to focus on getting better and if I couldn’t do it myself not to bother asking him for it and either wait for him to offer, or do without.

I was so tired on the morning of Sunday 31st May, after very little sleep. Captain Caveman had a wonderful sleep, full of loud snoring immediately after our argument.
I had Revive and gluten free biscuits for breakfast while Captain Caveman went over to Ho Khanh’s for coffee. The data on the app was playing up and showing only 20 new cases in the world – even for a weekend that was extremely unlikely. The UK was finally decreasing in numbers and had only 1,600 new cases and 200 deaths in the last day. Turkey had 1,000 new cases and a 100 deaths.
At lunch time I was contemplating what items I could get from the fridge when Captain Caveman returned holding a takeaway bag with Capture written on it. He apologised and said he was just getting frustrated that I can’t seem to do a lot of things for myself yet. He brought me bacon, chips and beans which was really tasty and I’d not had bacon for a long time.
After doing some Turkish lessons we had some crisps and finished off the red wine we had brought home from The Villas last night. For dinner we had Namaste and I spoke to one of my best friends back home who’s birthday it was – I should have been back there celebrating with her. We went to bed and set the alarm – Captain Caveman had organised something a little bit different for the next day.

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