I know for a lot of us May had seemed like a long month but on the whole I like to try and stay positive. At the end of May I did a bit of a check on what had changed over the month and I started to make some plans for June. To be honest I still didn’t know where I would be at the end of June, but if it was still in Phong Nha then I needed to make some changes and get my leg better.
I think I had lost weight in May but it was impossible to tell without being able to stand on the scales at Ho Khanh’s. This blog was doing well, which astounded me given that most of last month was about staying at home with an injured leg and arguing with Captain Caveman. I can only imagine that was one good thing to come out of the extended lockdown in other countries – lots of people could identify with being cooped up with a partner and unable to go out. This last 6 weeks had shown me how Captain Caveman’s priorities work and his ‘tough love’ approach to helping me get better was not particularly making me recover quicker. We spend so much time apart usually and when we are together we do our own thing a lot so it was definitely getting to him and I was tired. Still, at least my blog was entertaining enough for people who empathised with me or sympathised with Captain Caveman as we went through the month. The highest views came from the UK and Vietnam then Australia, followed by Turkey and then the Netherlands. This month I had a few new countries reading – Finland, Cape Verde, Bahrain and Panama.
As for the dreadful Corona virus which had been around for about 6 months now and almost in Vietnam, it was hard to take in the severity of it in my home country. I should have been back to Turkey and to England by now, like everyone else I’d missed lots of events but was pleased most had been moved to 2021. At the beginning of May the UK had reported 177,000 cases and were 4th in the world rankings. By the end of May they had reported 274,700 cases and were in 5th place, thanks to Brazil. It was awful that another 100,000 people had caught the virus, given that people should have been taking precautions and staying at home. The Corona deaths in the UK were unbelievable at almost a further 11,000 in one month taking it from 27,500 to 38,400 and still ranking second in the world. I was appalled at how badly it was being handled and I worried a lot about my family and friends – particularly the vulnerable ones, those working on frontline and those having essential hospital treatment.
For June I was focusing on physio and with Captain Caveman going in to Son Doong for 4 tours this coming month he was going to be much happier – I’m sure I would also enjoy the rest too. To start the month Captain Caveman had organised a little break, hoping to boost my recovery.

He’d even packed my bag for me, filled with all the essentials: https://joloyolo.com/2020/06/14/whats-in-the-bag-captain-cavemans-packing-list/

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