There are so many places to eat in Phong Nha now that when I leave here I find my choices much more limited. I have a few allergies (gluten, mollusks & chillies) plus I’m a fussy eater, who really can’t stomach quite a few foods, which makes me a less than ideal dinner date. I’m far from thin and never go hungry here in Phong Nha so I decided to write a list of the places we have eaten at and what their stand out dish is (including Captain Caveman’s favourites too).

1. Namaste – Lamb Samosa

2. East Hill – Chicken & sticky rice

3. Phong Nha Underground – Tamarind chicken

4. Vung Hue – Pork Ribs

5. Phong Nha Vegan – Mushroom Lalot

6. Little Leaf – scallops

7. Little Vietnam – Pho

8. Funny Monkeys – Pork fried rice

9. Co Diep – Hot pot

10. Momma D’s – Sausages

11. Capture Café – Cheese plate

12. Phong Nha Coffee Station – Eggs Benedict

13. Oxalis Home – Chicken & cashew nuts

14. You & Me – Chicken fried rice

15. The Villas – Confit Duck Leg

16. D’Arts – Bun Cha

17. Lake House – Pizza

18. Lucky Homes – Roast Pork with fried rice

19. Phong Nha Farmstay – Nem Lui

20. Veggie Box – Vegan soup

21. Coco House – Clay pots

22. Bamboo Cafe – Shepherd’s pie

23. Chao Vietnam – Fried spring rolls

24. Thang Nhung – BBQ pork

25. Banh Xeo (at the market) – Banh Xeo

26. Pub with Cold Beer – Chicken & peanut sauce

27. Moi Moi – Pork cooked in Bamboo

28. Gecko hostel – Western food

29. Chay Lap Farmstay – Mushroom curry

30. Nguyen Shack Lake Hill – Mango sticky rice

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