Another week had gone by and I wondered if the Corona virus data showed any evidence of improvement in the countries that I should be going to, England & Turkey. It was looking increasingly likely I would not be going to either in the short term.
On June 26th the data, from NCOVI app and World Life Expectancy website showed me the following; Vietnam had recorded 10 new cases, 4 more recoveries and still no deaths (93% recovery rate and all cases in quarantine on arrival in to the country). The UK had the same amount of cases as the previous week (7,500) but more deaths (1,000). Turkey had more cases (9,100) than the previous week but less than 100 deaths. The world has a whole recorded 800,000 new cases in the last week, 24,000 deaths and 600,000 recoveries, this meant that there were less cases and deaths recorded overall and the same amount of recoveries.

My weekend started with saying bye to Captain Caveman at 6am on Friday 26th June. He was off on a 2 day trip to Hang En and needed to get the Oxalis shuttle bus from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha. I went back to sleep for a bit and then went to breakfast alone. I was impressed with the staff who, again, were very attentive with passing me the food to the table – they even remembered what I liked.
After breakfast I caught up on Turkish class and some writing, for lunch I had a mango. At physio I got a lot of attention on my ankle which for the first time had a kind of movement to it that made me feel a bit queasy when it was pressed. I was also having problems with my toes being able to straighten out.
That evening I checked in to the more budget friendly Nam Long Plus hotel for the night, as I was back to Phong Nha tomorrow and the Vinpearl is more expensive and busy at weekends. I had a takeaway for dinner of pork fried rice and satay chicken skewers from 7th Heaven which was very tasty, then bath and bed! I had an early night because I had an early appointment the next day.

I had an early physio appointment on Saturday 27th June and then had plans to go back to Phong Nha for the rest of the weekend. I was looking forward to more choice of food and I didn’t even bother with breakfast at the hotel as wasn’t feeling too hungry. Physio was going well, today was my 10th session and I’d got used to the heat treatment a bit more now. I no longer felt pain when laying flat on the wooden bed and my foot had stopped getting pins and needles. Hoa had also stopped putting the extra hot stone on my ankle which seemed to be helping. On Saturdays the physio place is a little more relaxed but it had lots of customers waiting and everyone was very busy. This time I was on the bed nearest the front door and it had a slight gap in where the sun came streaming through, the Aircon wasn’t on in this room but the fan was rotating and I was sweaty.
I intended to book Phuong’s Transfers for the trip back to Phong Nha, he was busy by the time I requested him but he was able to book me an alternative which was only 400,000 vnd one way with a good driver, who stopped at an ATM without many steps and helped me.
When I got to Phong Nha I was so hungry that I decided I would go straight to The Villas for brunch with Veronika. Manu was there to help me get a lovely comfy seat in the Aircon room at the back and he could see I was a sweaty mess so probably was best to put me away from other customers. By the time I’d got water, a cup of tea and some popcorn there was already a nice couple on the next table who were down from Hanoi for the weekend.
I was pleased when Veronika arrived for lunch and I decided to have the potato, edamame and artichoke salad. It doesn’t say on the menu that it has tomatoes in but previous experience has taught me it does, so I ordered it without tomatoes. When it came it was without potatoes! We all had a good laugh that I would order a potato salad without potatoes (but one can never assume). Straight away Luc apologised and sent it back to get another one while Veronika ate her salmon, mashed potatoes and asparagus – a firm favourite.

After my lunch, which was lovely, I had a piece of the gluten free chocolate mousse cake which was so delicious. Veronika had to get back to the grandkids but I ordered more tea and decided to stick around until Captain Caveman got back from his tour. He was due back around 4pm and would have a couple of hours before he had to be at his briefing for tomorrow’s tour. It also meant he would just about have time for a bite to eat and a beer however he didn’t appear and his Hang En group was back later than expected meaning he wouldn’t be able to join me at The Villas. I now had two choices, I could get a taxi to take me elsewhere/home or I could stay where I was and enjoy the happy hour.
After a couple of margaritas (my new ‘away from home’ alcohol limit) I went back to water and herbal teas then ordered dinner. I decided I’d missed the potato gratin so I had that which comes with asparagus, an accidental vegetarian day and I really enjoyed it.
I booked Phuong’s Transfers for the short journey home at 9pm as Captain Caveman was still at his briefing. I’ve never gone in to our house in the dark on my crutches so I was hoping he’d be back in time so he could switch lights on for me (they are not conveniently located near the door). He arrived at The Villas at 8.40pm and had 1 beer before cycling home and arriving at the same time as me.
Back home, after a tiring bum shuffle up the stairs, we shared some wine and I unpacked my bag, I was looking forward to being home for a day, just relaxing and taking it easy.

My day off from physio on Sunday 28th June felt good and it gave my leg chance to stop feeling bruised. I hadn’t noticed a massive difference in my ability to walk and I was still not great with crutches but I could do some minor things a little better. I picked back up the book I had started reading in January and had not got far with, watched Netflix and relaxed. For breakfast I was back to the old faithfuls, laughing cow and rice crackers. At lunch I polished off a couple of mangoes which were still in the fridge and some gluten free biscuits. In the evening I wasn’t feeling like doing anything and so after struggling to take a photo of the sunset and then close all the curtains and finish packing for my next week of physio in Dong Hoi I put on some comfy lounge wear and watched more Netflix.

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